What to Look for in a High School Mentoring Program

A high school mentoring program helps develop critical social skills, encourages academic achievement and provides positive, life-enriching experiences for students. Reality Changers provides mentorship programs for high ...
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College Readiness: The Importance of Preparing For College While in High School

Reality Changers has a history of helping underserved San Diego-area youth realize their college dreams. Our targeted academic and personal growth model helps students with ...
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Featured Student: Melissa Sanchez

Melissa’s nickname is Guerrera (Spanish word for warrior). Her 11th grade English teacher gave it to her, and it stuck. Melissa attends Point Loma High. ...
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News: Reality Changers Named Outstanding Non-Profit by San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce

June 11, 2018 - Reality Changers was recently awarded one of a six prestigious small business awards by the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce. ...
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NEWS: Seven Local Students Win the Nation’s Top Academic Prize

Approximately 99.6% of high schools in the United States did not have more than one Gates Scholar in 2014 (the last year data is available), ...
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NEWS: UCSD’s Academic Connections

This summer, over 80 Reality Changers students earned $3,500 scholarships to participate in UCSD's Academic Connections, a three-week program where students live on campus and ...
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PBS’ “The Graduates” features RC Grad

The Graduates is a "two-part, bilingual documentary explores pressing issues in education today through the eyes of six Latino and Latina adolescents from across the ...
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NEWS: Tough guy’s ‘Reality’ check has big payoff

March 23rd, 2012 - This article featuring Eduardo Corona, Reality Changers' Wednesday Night Site Director, was written by Karla Peterson and featured on the San ...
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