Haset Moloro: Looking Forward

Haset Moloro joined Reality Changers as a 9th grader. She is currently a 10th grader at Patrick Henry High School and attends Reality Changers’ College Town.

What are you looking forward to in school this year?

This year I am especially looking forward to furthering my education and building a higher understanding of possible career paths, especially with the guidance and opportunities from Reality Changers. Although many things are now taking place online, they should not be perceived as a setback, but instead a disciplinary act. 

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

Truthfully, I am leaning on prayer and staying in communication with family and friends. I believe not allowing the negative mentalities due to these times affect my joy and motivation to continue growing. I have been blessed to be surrounded by communities such as Maranatha Ethiopian Church, The Grove Church, and many close friends.

What is one thing you hope to learn or experience at Reality Changers this year?                          

For this year, I am hoping to experience the job shadowing opportunity and UCSD Academic Connections. These two experiences equally hold much importance. They provide students with knowledge about career paths and a feel for college life. 

How is Reality Changers helping you navigate change as you go back to school?              

Reality Changers is setting the stepping stones for the necessary modifications occurring for the following school year. For example, during this summer many students have been given the chance to take part in learning experiences such as college forums, cabin talks, and even listen to peoples’ career journeys. Reality Changers has exposed many opportunities for students like myself. Although this upcoming school year may be arduous at times, I am certain Reality Changers is a shoulder I can lean on. 

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