Barbara de Jesus Gomez-Aldrete: Persevering to New Heights

Barbara graduated from Reality Changers in 2016. In 2020 she graduated from UC Merced with a degree Applied Mathematics, emphasis in Engineering. She is currently enrolled in a Ph.D. Applied Mathematics program at Iowa State University, anticipated graduation date 2025.

What are you looking forward to in graduate school or your career this year? 

I am looking forward to conducting research and the courses I will be taking. Being able to learn more things in more depth and being able to apply that to my research. I am also excited to be a TA and get experience teaching. 

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

I want to talk with the math department heads and get to know them well. I plan on getting to know the other grad students as well so that we’re able to help each other out. I also plan to make sure that I schedule things so that I am able to have time to take care of of my mental health. Building connections and taking care of my mental health are some of my main goals for these upcoming years to help me keep going. 

What is one resource you hope to utilize from Reality Changers this year?

Being able to ask for advice from people that have been in my place has been one of the best parts of Reality Changers. I have always appreciated advice from multiple people, especially from people that want to see me succeed. 

How did your time in Reality Changers make you more confident in your strengths today?

I have always been more soft spoken, but Reality Changers helped me see how there are many opportunities for us, but we have to be the ones to look for them and reach out for help. I was nervous entering Reality Changers, but that mindset that they helped me get led me to taking another great program while in college. 

How is your Reality Changers family helping you navigate change in our current environment?

I am able to go my Reality Changers family for advice and guidance. Especially in this new environment, being able to have people to go to is crucial.

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