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Reality Changers' Alumni Network

We help Reality Changers graduates meet their academic, personal, and professional goals. We provide holistic, individualized services and mentorship to young people in college and beyond. Whether you are just starting college, transferring, getting ready to graduate, applying to grad school, launching your career, looking to change jobs, or something else, we’re here to help!



1-1 Coaching

We’re here to help you meet your personal, academic, and professional goals. Whether you are just starting college, looking to launch your career, or wondering how to buy a house, we're ready to help!


On-Campus Support

At UCSD, SDSU, and CSUSM, our on-campus college ambassadors are available to answer questions and problem solve. Join a social event and get to know other Reality Changers graduates at your school!



This year-long program connects program graduates with working professionals. Mentors share career advice and help with resumes, interviews, and goal-setting for college students and early career professionals.



We provide skill-building workshops to help you get to the next level. Topics include resume-writing, networking, financial literacy, and much more!



Alumni mixers are all about fun, fun, and more fun! Join us to eat, connect, relax, and win awesome raffle prizes.


Scholarship Opportunities

We connect college and graduate students with scholarship opportunities, some of which are only available to Reality Changers graduates!

Working Together to Achieve Success


"The Alumni Network has given me the support and tools to be a confident and prepared candidate within the academic and professional field. Taking advantage of their knowledge and alumni resources has been crucial to my success."


RC Class of 2016

“The Reality Changers Alumni Network is more than just a network. It is the support system dear to my heart that allows me to accomplish any and every one of my goals.”


RC Class of 2016

“The Alumni Network has been one of my primary supports throughout my educational career. It’s really like a big family and even when you don’t see the whole family, similar to a real family, the love is still there.”


RC Class of 2015

“Being part of the alumni network has helped me stay connected with RC friends from my cohort as well as build meaningful relationships with alumni from other cohorts! I've also found the abundance of resources such as scholarship opportunities and development workshops helpful.”


RC Class of 2016


2022-2023 SCHOOL YEAR



Reality Changers graduates earned 153 associate’s, bachelor's, master’s, and doctorate degrees.


individuals served

We provided advising services and workshops to more than 800 college students and early career professionals.


Unique Interactions

All together, the Alumni Network had 1437 conversations with program participants.


New Alumni

High school seniors became members of the Alumni Network when they graduated in the spring.


  1. San Diego State University
  2. University of California, San Diego
  3. California State University, San Marcos
  4. San Diego Mesa College
  5. University of California, Irvine
  6. University of California, Los Angeles
  7. University of California, Riverside
  8. San Diego City College
  9. University of California, Berkeley
  10. University of California, Santa Cruz


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A volunteer helps set up for an event


Alumni are always welcome to come back and join Reality Changers as volunteers! Help out on an ongoing basis or come to a one-time event.



Your gift supports individualized advising, workshops, mentorship, and more for first-generation college students and graduates.

Alumni Network FAQs

The Alumni Network serves high school graduates who participated in College Town and/or College Apps Academy. This generally includes first-generation college students and graduates. Alumni Network participants may be 17 to 40 years old, depending on when they first joined Reality Changers.

Individuals who did not enter college or who stopped college are still welcome (and encouraged!) to access the Reality Changers Alumni Network services.

Yes! Anyone who participated in Reality Changers in high school is part of the Alumni Network.

Contact us! Whether you need help accessing mental health services, getting financial support, finding legal aid, or something else, we’re here to help you problem-solve and connect you to the resources you need.

Reality Changers alumni are privy to a number of key benefits, access to mentors and fellow alumni chief among them. Such networking opportunities allow graduates to build valuable connections and expand their professional reach. We also offer support and resources for graduates who are seeking employment or hoping to advance in their field. This includes job search assistance and help writing your resume and cover letters. There are opportunities for continual growth and learning, as well as the chance to give back to the next generation of aspiring college students.

Reality Changers alumni resources are undeniably useful, but the alumni themselves can provide unique perspective for recent graduates. Networking can provide a sense of camaraderie and community, allowing for the exchange of challenges, successes, and experiences. Befriending other alumni can open up valuable opportunities like job leads, mentorship, and industry knowledge. Alumni may be able to provide recommendations and referrals, which are essential in advancing the careers of new graduates.

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