College Town

College TOWN

for 8th-11th grade students

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College Town provides afterschool and summer programming focused on academic performance, leadership, and soft skills for students in grades 8-11. College Town prepares low-income, high-potential students to be college-ready by 12th grade.


we provide

space for students to envision success, inspiring them to set new personal goals, and preparing them to achieve their academic and professional dreams through self-awareness, resourcefulness, and resilience.

we respond

to the unique, daily challenges that our students face.

we promote

a positive message of hope; specifically, “college changes everything” and “tough times never last, but tough people always do.”

3-hr. weekly comprehensive mentoring & tutoring program

8-week ACT/SAT PREP course

One-On-One Tutoring


Job Shadow program

Program meals

College allows me to give back to my parents for all their sacrifices, it allows me to give back to both my adopted home and the home I started from. And it all starts now, with me going to Reality Changers every week, with me maintaining my 4.0, with me motivating my peers and myself daily, with me staying future-focused, and with me going to Academic Connections at UCSD.

Sofonyas Shibre

Reality Changers ‘18, UC Berkeley '22


Students in our 2019-2020 school year College Town program


Schools that have students represented in College Town


Percentage of residents in our locality that live below the poverty line


Percentage of City Heights residents that have bachelor's degrees

key opportunities

3-day leadership camp

At the end of summer, students attend leadership camp. Camp is provided so that students can reset for the upcoming school year and build relationships with fellow students, tutors, and Achievement Coaches. The camp also allows students an opportunity to let go of any home distractions and commitments and find a family within Reality Changers.

monthly speech tournaments

Monthly speech tournaments, by which winners join the Delegation and represent the organization at numerous high-profile events throughout the region every month.

a comprehensive college experience

A $4,300 scholarship to participate in UCSD’s Academic Connections, a three-week summer residential program where students take college classes, live in the dorms, and earn college credit each summer after 9th, 10th, and 11th grade.

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