Student Spotlight: Erika Iglesias

Erika shares how she’s overcoming obstacles in high school and how she’s staying proactive this summer.

What obstacles and/or hardships are you overcoming in high school?

Throughout high school, some personal obstacles I have had to go through is being able to maintain a good mindset while also trying to challenge myself physically and in my academics in order for me to strive better. Every day I work harder towards overcoming those minor obstacles I face in high school.

How do you find a balance between academics, extracurriculars, hardships, and being successful?

I balance my academics and extracurriculars by using a sort of agenda to maintain a schedule that can separate my work into different sections. Time management is another very important tool that I have been working on and it has played a huge role in my academic life.

Looking back on your years of high school, what is one thing you wish you knew? 

Looking back on my past years in high school, the one thing that I wish I knew was how hard it would be to actually enjoy highschool while maintaining good academic grades.

For other students looking up to you, what action steps would you encourage students to take over the summer to prepare for their next year of high school and/or the first year of college?

I would want other students to know that they should “Keep in mind where you are and where you want to go in life” and that they should always remain open-minded. 

How are you flexing your summer state of mind and staying proactive this summer? (i.e exercising, working, reading, journaling, meditating)

This summer I will be staying proactive by attending summer school and taking extracurricular classes that will benefit my education. In attending this college class called Realities of Nutrition, I will be able to enjoy my summer by both gaining more knowledge and having fun with family and friends.


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