Wendy Lopez: Curious & Organized

Wendy Lopez joined Reality Changers as a 10th grader. She is currently an 11th grader at La Jolla High School and attends Reality Changers’ College Town.

What are you looking forward to in school this year? 

This school year I am looking forward to seeing new ways my school will implement distance learning and how I can prepare myself to be successful. I look forward to seeing how the school and staff are better prepared for this semester as opposed to last semester.

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

For support, one of the main people is my mom. She pushes me a lot because she knows how easily I can slack off, but also the Reality Changers mentors sending texts and reminders, checking in and keeping us on track is very helpful. Also this year I am going to have an agenda to help me get things done on time for every class to avoid procrastination. 

What is one thing you hope to learn or experience at Reality Changers this year?

I am hoping to learn more about applying to colleges and scholarships. Learning how to take things more seriously is going to be crucial for me this year in order to raise my GPA and be prepared for college. 

How does your Reality Changers family make you more confident in your strengths?

My Reality Changers family makes me more confident in my strengths because everyone at Reality Changers is real. The way we talk and focus on school, but also the moments where we relax, take a break, and express feelings that are sometimes not related to school.

How is Reality Changers helping you navigate change as you go back to school?

Reality Changers is helping me navigate change as I go back to school by having different virtual lessons and talks over summer break. Although they’re not the same as virtual learning in school, being able to experience Reality Changers program virtually has given me a sense of what to prepare for and what school could look like in the fall. 

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