Volunteer Spotlight: Matthew Espy

Matthew Espy, pictured on the right, began volunteering with Reality Changers as a Career Mentor with College Town in January 2020.

What makes volunteering with Reality Changers meaningful?

The ability to share access I have with those who aren’t in a position to normally experience it is important to me. I have received many blessings and feel it is important to share those with others.

What do you do outside of Reality Changers?

I work in finance at Sempra Energy, and am an avid supporter of the San Diego Symphony and frequent visitor to the San Diego Zoo

Tell us about a time that was a meaningful moment for you as a Reality Changers volunteer.

One of my mentees was applying to a program at MIT and the director of the program happened to be good friends with my sister. The program ended up being cancelled because of Covid, but I was able to speak with the director to discuss what they were looking for in applicants and share some information about another program they run with my mentee.

What is one opportunity that you are currently focused on in your role as a volunteer?

The important thing for me is exposure. Just making students aware of what opportunities are available is something I find to be really important.

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer at our organization, what do you wish they knew about Reality Changers?

The impact you will have on the RC students will be exponential. Your time, 2 hours a week makes a difference that you can see before your eyes.

What is something you’ve learned while at Reality Changers?

I would emphasize how incredible the students are and how much better volunteers feel about our community when we see the quality of it’s young people.

What is your life mantra?

One of my favorite mantras is “if not you then who?” It is a reminder that if something is important to you then you are in position to make it happen, and also a reminder that everything that we’ve seen accomplished has been done by people who aren’t much different than us so if something is possible we can make it happen.


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