18 years. 29 Gates scholars. 125 colleges.
2,000 students. Millions in scholarships.

our mission

Reality Changers transforms lives by providing youth from disadvantaged backgrounds with the academic support, financial assistance, and leadership training to become college graduates.​

the gift of opportunity

the gift of prosperity

A three-stage
college readiness program

We surround struggling 8th graders with positive peer role models so that they can succeed together. By the time they reach 12th grade, all students are prepared for our intensive, year-long course to guide them through the college application process. After graduating from the program, our alumni network offers lifetime support to our students, for college and beyond.

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•  Comprehensive weekly 1:1 tutoring programs

•  College readiness and youth development programs

•  Community service weekends – Over 2,500 hours/yr.

•  Scholarships to UCSD’s Academic Connections

•  Summer leadership camp

•  School research and selection

•  College essay writing and editing

•  Application submission

•  Financial aid and scholarship support

•  Support to finish a four-year degree

•  Post-secondary academic guidance

•  Internship/employment resources