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What Advice Would You Give Younger Students?

Alyx, Kevin, Erika, and Ashanti share advice for overcoming obstacles in high school. Try your best in everything that you do. And if you succeed? ...
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What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

Alyx, Kevin, Erika, Ashanti, and Michelle share what they would tell their younger selves. I would tell my younger self to be patient and keep ...
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Taking Summer Steps Toward College Preparedness

Kevin, Erika, and Ashanti share how they are preparing for college over the summer. I have made sure to educate myself as much as possible ...
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Students Flex Their #SummerStateOfMind

Alyx , Kevin, Erika, Ashanti, and Michelle share how they are flexing their #SummerStateOfMind. This summer, while I focus on getting myself ready for college ...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Austen Michalak

Austen Michalak has volunteered as a tutor with College Town - Solana Beach for the past 3 years at Reality Changers. What makes volunteering with ...
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Impact Story: Whitnie Szutu

Whitnie Szutu has been a volunteer tutoring students in the College Town program with Reality Changers for nearly a year and a half. What is ...
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Impact Story: Ananely Alonso

Ananely Alonso joined Reality Changers in the 11th grade and is going to be a rising senior in high school. She is currently receiving support ...
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Impact Story: Martin Bolteada

Martin Bolteada is the father of Carla Bolteada. Carla is in the 11th grade and is currently receiving support from our College Town program at ...
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Impact Story: Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang has been a volunteer tutor with Reality Changers for nearly two years. What has been the biggest challenge you have seen your students ...
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Volunteer Spotlight: Bianca Alvarado

Bianca Alvarado (featured on the right) has volunteered as a mentor with College Town for the past 3 months at Reality Changers. What motivated you ...
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Student Spotlight: Yosief Abraham

Joined Reality Changers in 9th GradeCurrently in 11th Grade What initially brought you to Reality Changers? I was first introduced to Reality Changers through my ...
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Alumni Spotlight: Rebecca Ruelas

Start by telling us a little bit about your experience with Reality Changers. I applied to be in the program and became a participant in ...
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