Taking Summer Steps Toward College Preparedness

Kevin, Erika, and Ashanti share how they are preparing for college over the summer.

I have made sure to educate myself as much as possible on college-related subjects to better prepare myself. Throughout this summer, I feel that it is necessary to start researching and learning what I would like to do and the steps needed to accomplish my goals. – Kevin D.

This summer my goal is to make the college application process easier by starting now. I am getting involved with school clubs, researching universities, and starting my personal insight questions. – Ashanti H.

Throughout high school, I have had obstacles like maintaining a good mindset while also trying to challenge myself physically and in my academics in order for me to strive better. Every day I work harder towards overcoming these minor obstacles I face in high school to prepare for college. – Erika I.

As a Reality Changers alumnus, Michelle shares her advice on preparing for college over the summer.

I would recommend joining the summer sessions for incoming freshmen at your college. You get really close to people and it is a good introduction to college. Also be sure to spend a lot of time with your friends and family. You will miss them more than ever when you leave. Finally, explore your current city; even if it’s just going to your local fast food joint and trying a new item! – Michelle N.

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