Impact Story: Ananely Alonso

Ananely Alonso joined Reality Changers in the 11th grade and is going to be a rising senior in high school. She is currently receiving support from our College Town program.

What is one way Reality Changers has supported you during this global pandemic? 

During this pandemic I have been given support by Reality Changers in many amazing ways. Reality Changers provides a space for me to be social with my friends and coaches in the program through Zoom. I was afraid at first because I thought that I would not be able to see my friends again, but Reality Changers made it possible which I truly appreciate. Aside from giving me a space to interact with the people I love they have also made it clear to me that if my family and I ever need food they will be there to help me. I have been going to many food drives due to the fact that money is very limited right now, so knowing that Reality Changers is there for me just in case our food runs out is such a blessing. 

How did it feel when Reality Changers provided you with support? 

When Reality Changers provides me with support I feel cared and loved for. I absolutely love that Reality Changers cares deeply about me and my family. Reality Changers makes me feel like I am a part of an even bigger family because they truly care about my well-being. When they provide me with support I feel more at ease and less afraid. As cheesy as this sounds, Reality Changers is the light at the end of the dark tunnel for me. They help me however they can and I will forever cherish them. 

What would you say to someone considering making a donation to Reality Changers?

Making a donation to Reality Changers will make you a part of our family because it shows that you care about us. Reality Changers is such an amazing program that helps hundreds of low income students achieve their dreams. Through the good or the bad, Reality Changers will always be there for us and with your donation you are helping them find new resources for us (the students). I can confidently say that Reality Changers believes students come first. Thank you so much. 

What do you think other people should know about Reality Changers?

To any student who needs academic or emotional support Reality Changers is the best program for that. We are a big family. I have been in Reality Changers for about seven months and I would go to the end of the world for them. They have helped me a lot and one day I’ll be able to donate money to them. Reality Changers is special and I hope everyone is able to acknowledge that. 

What are some of your hopes for the future? 

Some of my hopes for Reality Changers is that it will have huge companies and corporations who support us. I want Reality Changers to be known worldwide because I want to see programs similar to Reality Changers begin to spread around the world. There are more students in the world who need the same help that I am receiving. Hopefully one day, they too will be given the support to go to college.

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