Students Flex Their #SummerStateOfMind

Alyx , Kevin, Erika, Ashanti, and Michelle share how they are flexing their #SummerStateOfMind.

This summer, while I focus on getting myself ready for college and my last year of high school, I will also be taking care of my mental health. Some ways I try to keep my mind stimulated is by interacting with those around me through texts and phone calls as well as holding up intellectual conversations with others. – Kevin D.

I am flexing my summer state of mind by allowing myself to do things that make me feel happy and productive. I spend time coloring outside and listening to music. I have also started choreographing music for fun and applying to jobs. – Ashanti H.

I am flexing my summer state of mind by ramping up my self-care and planning out all the activities I want to do this summer. – Alyx S.

This summer I will be staying proactive by attending summer school and taking extracurricular classes that will benefit my education. In attending a college class called Realities of Nutrition, I will be able to enjoy my summer by both gaining more knowledge and having fun with family and friends. – Erika I.

I am flexing my summer state of mind by reviewing and learning Spanish and Vietnamese on Duolingo along with learning sign language, reading, hiking, and swimming. – Michelle N.

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