College Town

Haset Moloro: Looking Forward

Haset Moloro joined Reality Changers as a 9th grader. She is currently a 10th grader at Patrick Henry High School and attends Reality Changers’ College Town. What are you looking forward to in school this year? This year I am especially looking forward to furthering my education and building a

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College Town Programming 2020-2021

College Town is facing an unprecedented year, and yet this year is gearing up to be the best yet! With a new model, streamlined curriculum, and students ready to engage and grow in an online space we are ready for the school year to start.  This year College Town is

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Volunteer Spotlight: Matthew Espy

Matthew Espy, pictured on the right, began volunteering with Reality Changers as a Career Mentor with College Town in January 2020. What makes volunteering with Reality Changers meaningful? The ability to share access I have with those who aren’t in a position to normally experience it is important to me.

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Impact Story: Helena Villegas

Helena Villegas joined Reality Changers when she was in the 9th grade. She is now a rising senior and attending Patrick Henry High School. Helena will be transitioning from the College Town program into the College Apps Academy. What initially brought you to Reality Changers?  I come from a lineage

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Student Spotlight: Erika Iglesias

Erika shares how she’s overcoming obstacles in high school and how she’s staying proactive this summer. What obstacles and/or hardships are you overcoming in high school? Throughout high school, some personal obstacles I have had to go through is being able to maintain a good mindset while also trying to

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