Analuz, Reality Changers Class of 2021

Analuz is a high school senior in Reality Changers’ College Apps Academy at E3 Civic High. She first joined Reality Changers in 2017 as a 9th grader. Now, she is looking toward beginning a new chapter of her life at San Diego State University in fall 2021, where she will pursue a major in Criminal Justice.

Analuz will be the first in her family to attend college. She reflects on how her time at Reality Changers has provided her with the support she needed to be successful in high school and beyond:

“Reality Changers has been super supportive in everything, especially tutoring while I was in College Town. And honestly, without the help of College Apps Academy, I would have been personally lost with the application process. I will forever be grateful for all the opportunities I had through Reality Changers.”

Analuz’s time at Reality Changers has been full — from community service events on weekends to Academic Connections college courses and Forest Home Leadership Camp over the summer, to Job Shadow Week during annual spring breaks, Analuz says

“If it weren’t for all of the activities at Reality Changers I wouldn’t have met my group of friends. The community service events are also helpful when applying to college so schools can see how you are active within your community.”

As Analuz enters into her new life as a San Diego State Aztec, she feels “honored” to be a part of the Reality Changers legacy. 

“Reality Changers’ work within the community is very important. There are so many kids out there who could use the help of Reality Changers to become first generation college students. Shoutout to my tutors, Achievement Coach, and College Apps Academy Instructor for being the best and providing such wonderful support.”

You can be a part of the legacy of future first generation college graduates like Analuz.


Analuz’s responses have been edited for clarity.


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