What to Look for in a High School Mentoring Program

A high school mentoring program helps develop critical social skills, encourages academic achievement and provides positive, life-enriching experiences for students all across the country. In its own way, the Reality Changers story of helping underserved San Diego students attend and graduate college is a type of mentorship program for high school students.

Everybody needs mentoring at some point in their life, and everybody will be a mentor at some point in their life, even when they get into the real world. So why would it be any different at high school? Even corporations are deploying employee mentoring software such as the Together App, which can be found at www.togetherapp.io, to encourage more mentoring within their companies.

Whether you live in San Diego or elsewhere in the United States, it’s important to know what to look for in high school mentoring programs. This blog will examine different characteristics to consider in a college mentoring program for high school students, including potential pitfalls, benchmarks for success and more. High school can be difficult for students that don’t feel that sense of belonging. Maybe using unifying school sports polos would be a great way of making everyone feel included. This mentoring program will be able to help students rediscover the sense of belonging to great effect. Let’s get started!

High School Mentoring Programs – Things to Consider Before Signing Up

Mentoring high school students for college has a positive impact beyond the obvious academic aspects. Just some of the positive benefits from high school mentoring programs include lower dropout rates, higher graduation rates, superior self-esteem, optimal attitude about school, increased chance at professional success and many more.

Before joining a mentorship program for high school students, it helps to:

  • Watch for waiting lists. Students can’t afford to put their futures on hold. If you’re interested in a high school mentoring program that has a long wait list, look for an alternative program. Reality Changers is changing the way prospective college students think about taking care of their future – today!
  • Take the decision seriously. For many students, finding the right college mentoring program is literally the difference between an uncertain future and uncapped success. Regardless of your background, your mentoring initiative should meet and exceed your current requirements, in order to ensure a bright future. Do your homework before choosing an organization that mentors high school students – it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make!

Mentoring Programs for High School Students – One Path to Eventual Success

Mentoring high school students for college has been shown to have a positive impact on preparing today’s youth for academic (college) and professional (career) success. 

But we’re changing the conventional reality at Reality Changers. For us, mentoring high school students is part of our culture. It’s a big reason why we’ve changed so many young lives for the better throughout the past generation. Our college mentoring programs for high school students prepare San Diego-area youth for a future they never thought possible. We believe in the boundless potential of every at-risk child in our city – that same core belief should be part of whatever high school mentoring programs you’re considering to sign up for.

Our unique mentorship programs for high school students set up a framework and incentives for academic achievement. You can support these essential programs for underserved youth. Make a donation today.


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