We’re Just Getting Started

Since 2001, more than 3,000 students have graduated from Reality Changers. This spring, we’re celebrating an additional 142 graduating high school seniors who will become first-generation college students. But that’s only the beginning. With your help, we can ensure that students currently enrolled in Reality Changers have the resources they need to graduate high school. Donate to the Class of 2022 between May 2nd and June 15th and help dreams become a reality!

Our Goal 

Supporting the hopes and dreams of first-generation college students would be impossible without the help of folks like you. We’re aiming to provide the Class of 2022 with the services they need to find success in college and their careers. To do so, we hope to raise $31,650 – that’s $10 for every student ever served by Reality Changers. Help us help high school graduates get to college; it truly takes a village!

The fundraiser kicks off May 2nd, 2022 and runs through June 15th. Donations can be made via check, pledge, or online.. We also invite supporters to set up their own fundraising pages and solicit through their social networks. By looping in our friends and family to our goals, we can garner more awareness from the community and raise more for first-gen students.

Our Students 

Reality Changers serves a diverse body of students throughout San Diego. Our goal of preparing participants for college starts with eighth graders. We surround students with positive role models, weekly tutoring, and academic support. By the time they reach their senior year of high school, students are ready for our intensive, year-long course to guide them through each step of the college application process. The Alumni Network helps graduates continue to build on their success, connecting participants with networking opportunities and employment resources.

A look at our 2021 Annual Report can shed further light on the demographics of who we serve. 86 percent of last year’s graduates identified as first-generation. Our diverse students are members of communities that are typically underrepresented on college campuses. By staying accountable to the diverse communities we serve, we actively affirm the dignity of all individuals. 

Supporting Students 

To help high school graduates get to college, Reality Changers offers a number of resources to participants. College Town provides summer and afterschool programming centered around academic performance, leadership, and soft skills for students grades 8-11. The program gives low-income, high-potential participants the tools they need to be college ready by 12th grade. 1:1 tutoring, a job shadow program, summer leadership camp, community service, and an eight week ACT/SAT prep course can make all the difference.

The College Apps Academy serves 12th graders during the college application process. Participants get help researching and selecting schools, writing and editing admissions essays, applying for financial aid, and submitting their applications. The development of these soft skills are essential for success in college. 

The Reality Changers impact doesn’t stop after graduation day. Supporting high school graduates means providing them with lifetime access to a network of alumni. By creating lifelong relationships between Reality Changers and its graduates, we foster meaningful connections that can make all the difference post-grad. College and career counseling, access to resources via college partnerships, and continued professional engagement are necessary for building strong foundations for life after college. 

Getting Involved 

Meeting the needs of our community would be impossible without volunteers and generous donations from people like you. If you’re interested in getting involved, consider becoming a tutor, mentor, or cheerleader in a young person’s life. Our volunteers provide a wide range of support – each opportunity comes with its own unique set of responsibilities, skills, and time commitment. In most cases, volunteers do not need to have previous experience working with youth. Instead, we provide position-specific training to help new and experienced volunteers alike learn the ropes. 

Donations are the lifeblood of our organization. Without the generosity of our contributors, we couldn’t provide the resources and support that are so instrumental to the success of Reality Changers participants. Donate to the Class of 2022 and your gift will support the academic coaching, college research, applications, and financial aid training necessary for our students to find long term success.

Peer to Peer Fundraising

Want to organize a personal fundraiser to collect donations from your friends and family? Peer to peer fundraisers are growing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. By educating your social network about the Reality Changers mission, you can help grow our community of supporters. Such campaigns are great for building grassroots support and multiplying your reach.

Help us celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2022 by launching your own Reality Changers fundraiser. Choose your favorite social media platform and tell your followers about our goal of $31,650 ($10 for every student ever served by Reality Changers). Be sure to emphasize how Reality Changers continues to produce graduates, year after year – and how a donation can provide the Class of 2022 with the services they need to be successful beyond high school.

The Future Starts Here

Reality Changers participants have made a splash in our local community and beyond. But that’s only the beginning. Donate to the Class of 2022 and see the ripple effect of your contribution for years to come. Donate now!


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