Volunteer Spotlight: Christina Trinh

Christina Trinh has been a College Town Tutor for two years now.

What hobbies do you have outside of your time at Reality Changers?

Cook, play volleyball and video games!

What makes your volunteer experience at Reality Changers a meaningful use of your time?

I love getting to know the students and being there to witness their growth. Seeing students struggle with certain subjects but then helping them realize they are more than capable to do it makes me so happy.

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful or a memorable moment for you as an RC volunteer.

I was tutoring a student who did not have a passing grade in chemistry one on one for a few months. They became extremely motivated to complete practice problems and focused well during tutoring. At the end of the semester, they ended up scoring 100% on their chemistry final! I was so proud of all their hard work and commitment.

What is one idea, opportunity, or challenge that you are currently focused on in your role as a volunteer?

I try my best to build a relationship between students and tutors each week. Fostering an online community is different than our in-person tutor nights, however during our opening activity I love asking individuals to share how they are doing and a random question I came up with. Although it is not mandatory, students and tutors love to share updates with each other.

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer at our organization, what would you say?

Being a tutor at RC is beyond rewarding. Not only is it a great org from the staff being kind and organized, the students really benefit from the program and appreciate all your efforts! Seeing students grow and mature over time is a reward in itself.

What is your favorite quote or life mantra? 

Be kind to yourself!


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