Volunteer Spotlight: Christian Royer

Christian Royer has been a College Town Tutor for 2.5 years.

What do you do outside of your time at Reality Changers?

I work as an industrial engineer for a hospital in San Diego. I work with doctors and nurses to try and make processes better for staff & patient families. Most of my work involves talking with different people and analyzing data to see how we can improve. In my free time, I love trying new food and and exploring new places. Also a big sports fan, especially my hometown teams: San Jose Earthquakes and Sharks.

What makes your volunteer experience at Reality Changers a meaningful use of your time?

I attribute getting into college myself from programs similar to Reality Changers. I was often afraid to ask questions during class and afterschool programs helped me understand concepts so I could feel more secure in class and build my confidence. After graduating college I wanted to give back and help students have the same opportunities I had.

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful or a memorable moment for you as an RC volunteer.

Attending the speech nights, especially in person. The atmosphere of the audience is incredibly positive which allows the students to speak from the heart. It is a great opportunity for students to reflect on events in their life and recognize their own personal growth. I always leave speech night with an increased motivation to help the students achieve their goals.

What is one idea, opportunity, or challenge that you are currently focused on in your role as a volunteer?

Working at the hospital, I see how much distance learning has affected teenage mental health. This is a difficult time for students and their families and I want to make sure they are supported so that they can come out of this pandemic stronger. I try to connect with students during our group sessions so that we can build a rapport that can hopefully transfer over once in-person sessions resume.

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer at our organization, what would you say?

Do it! Reality Changers makes it very easy to jump in and be a tutor. The students are very friendly and it is great opportunity to learn about the lives of your fellow San Diegans. You will build up your communication skills and also meet other tutors who share a similar passion for helping students.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.

I traveled to Russia to go watch the 2018 World Cup. I got to meet a lot of amazing people from all over the world there and even got to see Mexico beat Germany in the opening rounds.


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