Richard, Future Princeton Alumnus

“Reality Changers is a necessary part of the community because of the core message and goals that Reality Changers strives to achieve. Higher education is getting increasingly important in today’s job market and not all youth, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, see college as a feasible option. Reality Changers, as the name implies, changes that reality and makes education accessible. We should all strive to embody this message and help others to achieve their educational goals.” – Richard, Reality Changers Class of 2021

Richard is on his way to Princeton University to get a degree in Economics. Throughout his senior year Reality Changers supported his dreams of a college education as the first in his family to do so. 

“The Reality Changers community has been integral to my success throughout the admissions cycle. Through thoughtful and careful guidance, I was able to stay on track and construct an application that showcased my talents and unique background.”

He credits the many hours he spent working with his College Apps Academy Instructor with his success today, and shares his gratitude for being a part of the Reality Changers family:

“I am so inspired by all members of Reality Changers, past and present. I know each and every one of these members had to forge their own path to make college a reality and that is what I find so fascinating. I am inspired by everyone’s tireless work and hope to use my education to give back to this great community.”

Richard inspires not only his peers, but those coming up behind him to achieve their biggest goals and reach for the stars. He advises those entering College Apps Academy next year to “start early and aim high. Starting early is the best thing you can do when applying to college. Starting earlier will put you on the path to creating the most powerful essays. Aim high refers to applying to various schools that you may think are out of your reach. If you aim high and put in the work, you may be pleasantly surprised with your results.”

We are so excited for Richard and his next steps as a Princeton student and future alumnus! 


Richard’s responses have been edited for clarity.


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