Meet Terrick, Future SDSU Alumnus!

Terrick is a senior at Madison High School. He was recently admitted to San Diego State University (SDSU), and plans on attending in the fall to pursue a major in Microbiology, Clinical Laboratory Science.

What excites you about attending SDSU in the fall?

Reason 1: The Career Opportunities! Reason 2: The Study-Abroad Opportunities! Reason 3: The Social-Life! Reason 4: The Counseling/Assistance! Reason 5: And finally, the Diversity of Students!

How has Reality Changers supported you in reaching your goals?

Reality Changers has supported, guided, and stuck with me throughout my journey as a senior overall! I love how open and caring the program is to it’s students. I have gained a ton of knowledge about university and college alternatives. I never knew much detail about college until I joined Reality Changers! Truthfully, this program reaches out to those who needs the assistance the most (from my point of view) also!

What piece of advice do you have for younger students coming up behind you?

I would like to tell these younger students to take whatever opportunities that will come your way! By this I mean community-service (which is good for college if you are planning on going or anywhere else–since you are not limited to only college after high-school), clubs or activities that interest you, and any opportunities given by the universities and colleges that you would like to go to. Trust me, ALL of this will benefit you in the long run and it is always great to have something productive under your belt also!

I know being a Senior is overwhelming and a bit daunting, but you will push through and make it to the other side! Choosing a university or college, going over the FAFSA and other financial aid options, thinking about what to do after high-school are all challenges that we have to face. But as long as you stay informed and give yourself the time to think some things through, you will be alright! Again, this is YOUR senior-year and you should enjoy every last bit of it to the best of your ability. Take this time to think about how far you have come, practice self-care, and thank those who might have helped you across your way.

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

I would LOVE to thank my College Apps Academy instructor–she has been such a terrific help! She has assisted me in a few situations that were difficult to handle by giving me information to help me move forward. She has done a LOT of amazing things for not only me, but for my fellow peers as well — teaching us a ton of interesting and necessary topics about college. At the end of the day, she is an extraordinary instructor to have because she is very kind, understanding, considerate, and wonderful to all of us!

So, thank you VERY much for everything. I know someday from now, I will be able to tell you, “I graduated from SDSU! Because YOU are one of the many persons who helped me throughout my journey!”

I cannot wait to tell her this in the near future from now–and that’s a promise!

This year is Reality Changers’ 20th anniversary! Since 2001, more than 2,900 students have graduated from our program! How does it feel to be a part of that group?

Truthfully, I feel honored to be a part of this fantastic program for a few reasons:

  1. I know know so much about all things concerning college! In the past, I did not know anything vital to going to college and I always assumed that college was just a way to spend more money on your education. No I know it is not like that! There are a variety of reasons to why colleges help make students thrive and succeed in the outside-world.
  2. I like the sense of reassurance I received by going through College Apps Academy programming because as a first-generation college student, I just didn’t know what my next move should be.
  3. I’m grateful for the support from not only my instructor, but also for those in our school who have taken part in this program too!

Why is it important for Reality Changers to keep doing this work?

It is extremely vital for Reality Changers to continue to do this type of work because future generations of kids need to know everything about college and any other alternatives to it. Students need to know how college and its programs will benefit them in the future and what types of experiences they should NOT be missing out on. Reality Changers, PLEASE continue what you are doing and continue to branch out into new experiences that will appeal to future generations of students like us!

Terrick’s responses have been edited for clarity.


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