Welcome Salina

Reality Changers is excited to announce that Salina Villegas, a Reality Changers graduate and past employee, has joined our Board of Directors.

For the last fifteen years, Salina has served non-profit, corporate, educational, and government sectors in their efforts to provide leadership development, educational equity, and culture change initiatives. She is committed to the genuine inclusion of diverse groups and takes a healing-centered approach to change efforts that involve deep dialogue, skilled facilitation, and systems thinking.

Currently, she works with the Department of Race & Equity at the City of San Diego. Her role involves developing content and facilitating trainings, workshops, and programs focused on advancing racial equity and inclusion for City departments, mayoral appointees, and city council offices. She has been inducted into the San Diego Unified School District Hall of Fame (2013) and recognized by California State Senator President Pro Tem Toni Atkins as an Emerging Female Leader (2016). She is a RISE Urban Leadership Fellow (2017), Lideramos Fellow (2019), and Horizon Equity & Adaptive Leadership Scholar (2022). She has earned two Bachelor of Arts, in Rhetoric Studies and American Studies, from the University of California, Berkeley (2012), and a Master of Arts in Leadership Studies from the University of San Diego (2020). She was awarded the Intellectual Contribution Award (2021) while pursuing a Master’s in Education in Prevention Science and Practice at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education (2021). 

Outside of these titles, one can find Salina frequenting community-based coffee shops and sharing resources with her village on social media. She is a mother to two beautiful humans, a partner to a hard-working civil rights attorney, and a sister to anyone in/of struggle. If there is anything else she can offer outside of this narrative, it is that she works to always show up fully, to practice having a healthy sense of self, and to struggle productively.  


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