Cindy has always had a heart for social equality and equal access to educational opportunities. Cindy is originally from Indianapolis and studied social work in Tucson, Arizona. She started her career as a social worker at a community based shelter that provided short term care to runaway kids. She then worked with adults in the criminal justice system for 5 years before switching careers. She dedicated herself to social work for 10 years, then took her people skills to begin a career in real estate.

After many years in residential real estate, Cindy created her most passionate endeavor, Art n Soul on 101. Inspired by Paul Newman’s philanthropic business model, Cindy opened her artisans gallery and store, Art N Soul on 101, in 2007 in Encinitas with a passion for supporting community and social change. Art N Soul on 101 offers unique and original designs by local artists and donates a large portion of the store’s profits to local nonprofits.

Cindy has generously given to Reality Changers through her store, hosting fundraisers at her home, as well as gifts of stock. She is also working on creating a committee of Reality Changers advocates in North County.

When asked why she gives to Reality Changers, Cindy says:

“I give to Reality Changers because I believe that education is the foundation of personal dignity and social equality. I know that Reality Changers is “the real deal’ and they have succeeded in accomplishing their mission.Their model is to be a resource and support youth and first generation students, showing them the door to a higher education. I’ve seen how the program provides students with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed.The graduation ceremony at SeaWorld says it all. The kids proudly carrying their college banners, filled with pride and determination prepared to pursue their college dreams. Reality Changers is a program of purpose and change! Kids in Reality Changers choose education, a positive pathway to a better life.”

Thank you for your support, Cindy!


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