Student Spotlight: Yosief Abraham

Joined Reality Changers in 9th Grade
Currently in 11th Grade

What initially brought you to Reality Changers?

I was first introduced to Reality Changers through my sister. I decided to follow in her footsteps and join the Reality Changers family after seeing how involved and intricate they were in my sister’s life. Reality Changers provided community service on the weekends, tutoring on weekdays, and summer enrichment programs. Most importantly, my sister received an experienced mentor dedicated to providing support to students. I was most intrigued with the Achievement Coaches who genuinely cared for each and every student. The support and genuine care is what drew me to Reality Changers.

Why does Reality Changers matter to you? To your family?

I gain so much from Reality Changers. To me, Reality Changers is a place where I am provided a safe place to do homework and receive academic support. It is a place where I can meet cool high schoolers from all over San Diego and foster relationships with them. This is a program geared towards ensuring that me and my peers are adequately prepared to enter and succeed in college. Reality Changers truly makes an impact in my life and it matters greatly to me and my family. This program will pave the pathway for me to become a first generation college student.

How has COVID-19 affected you and your family?

COVID-19 has negatively affected me and my family. I am enrolled in three Advanced Placement (AP) classes and studying for 3 standardized tests (ACT, SAT, SBAC). I feel overwhelmingly unprepared for these upcoming exams being that COVID-19 and the policies inspired by the virus limits instructional time with my teachers. Furthermore, my mother is the sole provider in our household and she was laid off from her job at the airport. Not only did her employer refuse to provide work and/or pay her during the two weeks of leave, but also assumed that she would be off from work much longer as COVID-19 cases multiply. Being in a household with no current income will be a grave indicator of whether or not we will persist through these unprecedented times.

How does Reality Changers provide support for you and family now?

Even through these times of hysteria, Reality Changers provides positive messaging and strong communication through virtual support, telephone, text, and email. The Reality Changers’ staff standby, maintaining their post in service of any questions or concerns my family and I may have. Prior to COVID-19 dangers, Reality Changers would provide my family and I with a safe place to do work, tutoring, food, friendships, standardized testing prep, and college admissions information. In addition, I would receive college/financial aid information and companionship for my parents. I would like for Reality Changers to continue their work for others in need to become a first generation student like me.


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