November 15, 2017 – At Reality Changers, we’re passionate about making an impact for the greater San Diego community by transforming the reality of hundreds of students by helping them become college graduates. While our staff has created a proven program to ensure maximum success for our students, we’re still amazed at how hard Reality Changers students work to achieve their dreams. Salvador’s story is no exception.

Salvador’s positive attitude in the face of adversity and hardship inspires his fellow Reality Changers students – and our entire staff – on a daily basis. Recently, Salvador became involved in community outreach as a student delegate for Reality Changers. He explains his involvement below.

With remarkable discipline, a relentless work ethic, and dedication to his local community, Salvador is an ideal ambassador for Reality Changers. We expect nothing but success for Salvador on his journey to college, and we think you’ll agree.

On a personal level, how important is your local community?

My community is my home, so like my home, I do my best to improve it for me and everyone else who lives here. My community is where my children and future generations will live in the years to come. And it’s not just my house or the block where I live; my community is not restricted by the ghetto or the “bad parts of the city,” but also includes the rest of the world.

I attend a lot of community service events, which include Feeding America and the US Hunger Relief Organization. They help provide food for families in need around San Diego. My community service also includes motivating the people of San Diego in what they are passionate about. One example of being active in the community and helping out would be the Trick-or-Treat Triathlon at Copley YMCA, where we helped set up the course and motivated the participants with things including cleaning equipment, providing shade from the blazing San Diego sun, and also distributing water. My community has tons of great people – we only need to help them realize that – and I do everything in my power to help expose the potential of my community. That’s one of the valuable lessons I’ve learned from being part of Reality Changers.

How do you help people through your role with Reality Changers?

My involvement as a leader is just a small part of a bigger picture. My position as a delegate in Reality Changers helps low-income and first-generation students get to college. Being a part of Reality Changers not only means representing the organization, it also means that I have to present the idea and message that Reality Changers is trying to send to the whole community. My position involves going to events to represent the organization to potential sponsors and donors. I also help out with various community service events including helping youth get access to college information and advice. Through these leadership experiences I have realized the importance of public speaking and how it influences people. Having to speak with important sponsors and donors whenever I go to a special event, I can help increase Reality Changers’ impact by securing financial support. We rely on the generous contributions of organizations and individual donors, and my role with Reality Changers helps us advance our mission to transform student lives.  As a part of the Reality Changers student delegation, I have to work with my fellow delegates to positively influence the community as much as possible.

We’d like to thank Salvador for his efforts as a student delegate at Reality Changers. Thanks to contributors and role models like Salvador, Reality Changers looks forward to helping current and future generations of San Diego young leaders. If you’re interested in donating to our cause, please click here.


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