Parent Spotlight: Juana Alcazar

Juana’s family has been a part of Reality Changers for 4 years. Juana is pictured second from the right in the above photo.

Juana lives by the mantra “El que persevera alcanza”, “He who perseveres reaches.” With this tenacity, Juana advocated for her children to have a bright future, enrolling them in Reality Changers’ programs. Today Juana shares with us how Reality Changers is part of her and her children’s support system.

Why is it important for your student to be a part of Reality Changers?

Reality Changers offers so much help in many ways–motivating and guiding students. There is so much that we (me and my partner) don’t know about because we did not attend college, and Reality Changers is there to provide that guidance: motivation provided by the Achievement Coaches, guidance in the college application process, and tutoring has all been so helpful.

How has Reality Changers been a support system for you and your student?

Through Reality Changers there is so much help and motivation. They truly make a change for families that have never been through the process of applying for college and give so much hope for us and our students. I am sure our students will return all the help they are receiving today once they have their careers in the future.

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful or a memorable moment for you as an Reality Changers parent.

My daughter Jennifer was able to attend Academic Connections in Arizona. She had a wonderful experience, gained college credits and awards. It was truly something memorable.

What do you wish other people knew about Reality Changers?

I hope others know that I am very thankful. This is a program that makes a huge difference, and I hope more students have the opportunity to be in Reality Changers.

At Reality Changers we know that it is only with the support of a community that students succeed. Thank you to Juana for advocating for her children and other Reality Changers students, and for sharing her story with us today.

Juana’s responses have been edited for clarity.


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