Impact Story: Alexandra & Samantha Beas Mora

Alexandra and Samantha Beas Mora are twins and joined Reality Changers in the 12th grade. They are both currently receiving support from the College Apps Academy program.

What is one way Reality Changers has supported you during this global pandemic? 

Alexa: Reality Changers has motivated me to continue pursuing my education no matter what the circumstances are. This program pushed me to the potential I never saw in myself at the beginning of the school year. They have proved to me that no pandemic could deviate me from my dreams of going to university. Not only do they take the time to still give us all lessons, but they also support me and encourage me to keep going even on the days where I have felt so drowned and hopeless. They listen to all my struggles and help me come up with solutions, so that this distance is not a problem… they motivate me to move forward always.

Samantha: Reality Changers has helped me a lot during this global pandemic situation with COVID-19. I’m grateful that they’ve continued to host the weekly lessons. Also they’ve been more than happy to help me when offering office hours on Zoom. Reality Changers always sends me emails, making sure to stay safe, not feel so down and keeping me busy with scholarship opportunities, surveys and mental health. It’s been very difficult for me to make a college decision. Reality Changers are people that have made me realize that my thoughts and feelings matter. In addition, any doubts or issues that I’m having, whether they be personal or academic, they demonstrate and constantly remind me that they are here for me and that I’m a priority for them. Therefore, I appreciate and value the group and individual zoom meetings that have been hosted online. 

How did it feel when Reality Changers provided you with support?

Alexa: I felt as though when everything was lost, there was a light shining upon me. It felt miraculous, and my joy was and still is overwhelming.  I never thought anyone could help me as effectively, both mentally and academically since I always solved my own problems alone. When it came to writing essays, or writing my thoughts on a piece of paper, I thought I would never be good at it. However, this program never shamed me. If anything they uplifted me and I take it as a gift from God. I could never thank my instructor, my peers, and every single soul involved in this organization enough for all the sincere support and action made for me to succeed and be happy. 

Samantha: Reality Changers makes me feel less confused and I felt like they brought some clarity into my life. The people are what make Reality Changers. Being part of this organization just bought a comfort in my mind and my heart because they made me learn more about my persona. The thought of even applying to college scared me because I’ve never been sure of myself and my decisions. When Reality Changers began to support me, they didn’t just support me with material resources. It was much more than that. They reminded me that they were there to help me when I would hit a wall, become frustrated, or when I was constantly being negative about my chances of being someone in life. Their support and energy made me recognize how capable I am to get things done and this allowed me to learn more about my story as well. That was the main thing that struck me, because they helped me discover that there was more to my story than I thought. They helped me remember where I come from and who to value more in my life and to value myself more. They enlightened my perspective on life and what they teach you applies to everything, school, relationships, careers, personal issues and more.

What would you say to someone considering making a donation to Reality Changers?

Alexa: This is the best investment you will ever make towards the entire world, not just one community, or to one country, but globally! Thanks to you, low income students will have the opportunity to pursue higher education and create positive change in the future generations. You’re contributing to the happiness, hard work, and dreams of all students. You’re an inspiration! Without you, there wouldn’t be leaders to help all these students. Everyone deserves the free opportunity to continue their education. You’re making millions of dreams come true! God bless you always and with your donation you are our blessing!

Samantha: Make a donation to Reality Changers! They will not disappoint you. They help literally shift the reality of all those kids that struggle to find meaning in their life, to understand the value in receiving and continuing an education. You’d be saving a kid’s life. I think a lot of the issues nowadays adolescents are having a hard time with being mentally safe. If you don’t have a healthy mindset, this affects all aspects of your life. One big aspect is education. When a kid enters this program, I can guarantee you that their whole perspective on life will positively change. They’ll learn their meaning in life, and receive some clarity in their path towards being someone in life. Students can become someone who takes care of their community even when they may have not felt like they didn’t seem to matter to their community. Reality Changers is a community that will help all types of kids discover themselves and that will help better their paths in life.

What do you think other people should know about Reality Changers?

Alexa: Through Reality Changers, you will learn what it is to pursue something so valuable to you that you will realize you are not alone in your journey. You will be reassured that your hard work is admirable and worth so much more than you think. Reality Changers will push you to want to become the best version of yourself and take action upon that. Your economic disadvantage will never be a barrier in this program, but through it you’ll end up viewing it as one of the most valuable pieces of your life. You will accomplish and develop skills that you either never thought you could do or were ever even good at. Best of all, you will be inspired so much that you will believe in yourself. You’ll be so proud of yourself for it all, and so will your family and the entire program… trust me this program will always have a special place in your heart and mind. 

Samantha: I think what a lot of people don’t see is that Reality Changers isn’t just meant to pursue a higher education. It is so much bigger than that. You will get to understand yourself more as a person, discover your limits and become more inspired and motivated to do things in life. You’ll start to notice the people that surround you more. What I mean by notice is that you’ll learn to value your family members more, your friends, and your teachers. It’ll help you gain respect for knowledge and value relationships and the accomplishments in life whether they’d be little or big. You’ll learn to depict who are the people in your life that have been there since day one and have always and continue to push you to be better for yourself. One main thing too, you should realize that Reality Changers is like a family. Everybody looks out for each other, no one gets left out, and I mean absolutely no one. We all make one, and if you struggle then we all struggle, but we’re always going to be there when you’re struggling because that’s what families do. Also, you’ll start to understand who you are as a person, and go through things and surpass things and realize that you are so much more capable than what you think!

What are some of your hopes for the future? 

Alexa: I hope with all my heart to come back to Reality Changers and assist all of you, because seeing how hard my instructor (Christian Feliciano) worked to help me accomplish things even on the days I almost gave up on myself has inspired me to give back to my community as much as possible. I hope nothing but the best for Reality Changers’ families, staff, instructors, volunteers, students… all of you deserve all the positivity and educational opportunities in the world. I hope you continue to help realize the dreams of students, like me, in similar living circumstances. I know you will and I hope to witness it all over again in my future. I wish you growth, mental health, economic stability rising through the roofs, scholarships, peace and love within each and everyone of you. Go make dreams happen. 

Samantha: I hope to be happy. That is all I ever want, which is to reach my happiness. I hope to make myself happy and my parents happy. I hope to become a professional and be passionate about my profession. I hope to continue my education and work hard enough to one day receive my Ph.D. There’s this saying that goes, “not everything that shines bright is gold,” which makes me come to value my parents a million times more. My parents deserve tons of blessings and all I want in this life is to repay them for all the love, care and the fruitful knowledge that they’ve given me and helped me gain and continue to give me everyday. With that being said, I hope that one day I make it happen so that the whole world knows who my parents are. I plan on writing a book for each of them, or produce a movie of their stories or maybe both. But one thing’s for sure, I will work twice as hard to give back to them. I also hope to give back to my community and I hope I can change one kid’s life. Just like Reality Changers helped me change my perspective on life, I hope to one day be able to do the same for a kid that I was once like and be part of RealityChangers in the future. I don’t know what life holds for me, but I know that God helps those who help themselves, and if I continue to work hard towards my dreams and goals, I am one step closer to achieving the happiness that comes with them. Thank you.

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