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César Chávez Leadership Scholarships

We are proud to announce the winners of the inaugural César Chávez Leadership Scholarship Award from Alliant International University. Congratulations to Meliya, Wendy, and Andy!

In celebration of César Chávez Day, the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Alliant International University established the César Chávez Leadership Scholarship Award in partnership with Reality Changers. This scholarship is designed to honor the legacy of César Chávez by supporting the educational needs and professional development of high school students in San Diego County whose accomplishments and commitments reflect Chávez’s ideals and commitment to community.


“Ever since 6th grade, I have aspired to pursue higher education because I know that college is the door to opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable for me. As a low-income student, I have an unwavering ambition to overcome my socioeconomic barriers and create a better future for myself, my family, and my community.”

“I want to diversify career fields by studying Business Psychology in order to become a Human Resources Manager. Through this profession, I can ensure that hiring processes are fair and inclusive. I will have the ability to create a work environment in which the level of diversity is a source of pride and where every person has the opportunity to advance in their careers.”


“Just as Cesar Chavez worked to improve the lives of people in the farmworks and migrant community, I am committed to improving my community of City Heights. In my eyes, City Heights is the beating heart of San Diego, the force that gives the city its vibrance. My admiration for the community is not because I live here, but an admiration of the past, present, and future generations that thrive despite the many barriers faced by minority kids, like me.”

“I want to return to City Heights after graduation from college. I strongly believe that getting the youth into activities is a way out of life; an opportunity to not only feel safe but a space to grow as a better person. My main focus is to work in a well-established place and create a welcoming environment for the youth. I was inspired by people like Cesar Chavez who constantly fight to improve others’ lives.”


“[Cesar Chavez] was a leader and a fighter who cared about so many others and cared about the conditions and lifestyles people were poorly living through. Though, I could not compare the way I am building upon his legacy through activating in farm work, I am determined to fight for the educational system conditions for both teachers and students.”


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