Featured Student – Kasim Hussein

I should be a child soldier right now. I could have been owned by someone. I would have been forced to fight other children just to spare my life. I would have never been to the United States, gone to school, and learned English. I could have just given up,

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Featured Student – Genemo Ali

Good writers often say that the key to writing is “putting the readers in your shoes.” However, growing up in a small impoverished town in Ethiopia, I did not have any shoes in which to put the reader until I was eleven years old. From the ages of five to

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Featured Student – Jennifer Morales

After putting on my leotard for ballet practice, my mom and I always walk towards our car together. Each time before opening the door, I run my fingers through the bullet holes that pepper a path along the side of my family’s car. This reminds me of the night when

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