Tough guy’s ‘Reality’ check has big payoff

This article featuring Eduardo Corona, Reality Changers’ Wednesday Night Site Director, was written by Karla Peterson and featured on the San Diego Union Tribune. A lot of people thought Eduardo Corona would be dead by now. And if not dead, certainly in jail. And if not in jail yet, surely on

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Featured Student – Michael Gaulden

Ever since I can remember, I have been a slave of the world. I have been whipped and punished every time a glimmer of light shone through my horizons. Why? Because from June 1998 through July 2009, my family was oppressed by homelessness. I’ve slept next to the people that

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Featured Student – Jesse Sanchez

If I could change one thing about my community, I would increase the number of programs available to youth in order to help motivate them and guide them towards holding themselves to a higher standard and aspiring towards a college degree. Growing up in an environment that lacked motivational guidance

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Featured Student – Kasim Hussein

I should be a child soldier right now. I could have been owned by someone. I would have been forced to fight other children just to spare my life. I would have never been to the United States, gone to school, and learned English. I could have just given up,

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Featured Student – Genemo Ali

Good writers often say that the key to writing is “putting the readers in your shoes.” However, growing up in a small impoverished town in Ethiopia, I did not have any shoes in which to put the reader until I was eleven years old. From the ages of five to

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Featured Student – Jennifer Morales

After putting on my leotard for ballet practice, my mom and I always walk towards our car together. Each time before opening the door, I run my fingers through the bullet holes that pepper a path along the side of my family’s car. This reminds me of the night when

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