Application Instructions


Please read through this page thoroughly before starting your application. If you have any questions, email

The link to begin your online application is at the bottom of this page.

All applications are due by Friday, May 28th, 2021. Any applications not turned in by the deadline will not be reviewed for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

Application Components:

  1. Online application 
  2. Academic Transcript – gather ahead of time
  3. Financial Verification – download, print, fill out, and scan ahead of time
  4. 1040 Tax Form – gather and scan ahead of time
  5. Essay Response – write ahead of time
  6. Consent & Release Formdownload, print, fill out, and scan ahead of time

Online Application

It is recommended that students set aside around an hour to an hour and a half to complete the application. We cannot guarantee that applications will be saved online and leaving the screen unattended for an extended amount of time may cause you to lose your progress.

It will be easiest to complete this application on a desktop or laptop computer (as opposed to a phone or tablet).

Forms to Download

Before starting the application, please download the
Financial Verification Form and Consent & Release Form. These documents will need to be filled out and then scanned & uploaded online, as part of the application process. We cannot accept paper applications or paper materials at this time. Applications that do not include these attachments will be considered incomplete.

Documents to Upload

When you fill out your application, you will need to upload several documents, including the filled out Financial Verification Form and the Consent and Release form (see information above). In addition, you will need to upload your academic transcript and your family’s 1040 tax form. This is a form that your family may have filled out and submitted to the federal government when they completed their 2019 or 2020 taxes. If is preferred that you submit a 1040 form, but you can still apply if you do not have one.

Essay Questions

We recommend drafting your essay answers in advance and then copy/pasting them into the application.
Essay questions can be found below. Make sure that you are responding to the appropriate questions based on your grade level for the next school year. 

College Town
(Students entering 9th – 11th grade in Fall 2021)

  1. Reality Changers believes that an individual’s story can be very powerful & everyone’s story is unique. Describe your past, present & future, and the impact that Reality Changers will have on your life. (500 word maximum)
  2. What is one goal you have for yourself in the next year or two and how can Reality Changers support and/or motivate you to reach that goal? (500 word maximum)

College Apps Academy
(Students entering 12th grade in Fall 2021)

  1. Why do you want to attend college? Discuss your career & professional goals. If you’re undecided, what are your interests and/or values? (250 word maximum)
  2. Why are you interested in this program?  Relate this to your academic and personal goals, family background, or financial circumstances. (250 word maximum)

Next Steps

You will receive a confirmation email upon submitting your application. You should save the confirmation email for your records. 

Our staff will contact all applicants by June 25th, 2021 with the next steps. Staff will not review applications until after the application process and will be unable to provide updates before then. If you have questions in the meantime, you may email