Alumni Team

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We’re committed to building enduring relationships with all Reality Changers — past and present.


Arantxa A. Sanchez (She/Her/Hers)
Alumni Network Associate
California State San Marcos, ’18
B.A. in Criminology & Justice
Sociology Minor

Hometown: San Marcos, CA


One interesting fact about you: I recently started up a small business Hecho Con Amor, all your celebration needs made with love, and a Youtube channel! I love connecting with others!


What I wish I had known when I was in college: There is still time to get involved on campus no matter what year or semester it is! People you connect with during college show once it’s time to graduate and are looking for the next step! And to also find your balance, be your best advocate, and keep up your amazing work, you’re here for a reason! 


Gerardo Ameriel Jaimes Garcia (He/Him/His)
Alumni Network Manager
College Apps Academy
University of California, San Diego, ’13
B.A. Ethnic Studies

Hometown: San Diego, CA


One interesting fact about you: I enjoy playing soccer on weekends.


What I wish I had known when I was in college: That creating and maintaining networks is pretty much essential for personal and professional growth after college. I was fortunate to figure it out by accident in my last two years of college.


Noel Salunga (He/Him/His)
Director, Alumni Network
UC San Diego, ’04
B.A. Ethnic Studies
San Francisco State University, ’06
M.A Ethnic Studies
Alliant International University ’18
Ed.D. Educational Leadership & Management

Hometown: San Diego, CA. (Paradise Hills)


One interesting fact about you: I love Top Chef, Chopped, and any show related to food & food competitions.  I wish I was a Chef or food critic in another lifetime. 🙂


What I wish I had known when I was in college: I wish I would have learned in college, that nobody is perfect, people will fail, people will struggle, and it is ok to ask for help.  Asking for help, seeking advice from mentors, counselors, advisors, and professors is important to my success and student success.  In college, I assumed everyone knows what they are doing, everyone has a plan, and I don’t.  I wish I did not feel that way in college.  College and life is ongoing full of ups, downs, changes, challenges and triumphs.  Even if you fall down you can get back up.  If you had a bad day, tomorrow is a new day to start again. Keep going and connecting with people who will support you.