Do you consider yourself a generous person? No matter how much you give to charity, you are almost certainly more generous than you realize. The fact is, you've been making gifts to society your entire working life, in the form of taxes.

You see, every dollar you earn, grow or save is part personal capital; money you are free to enjoy. And it is also part social capital; money that will benefit society.

By default, your social capital gets collected through taxes and is spent by the government for the benefit of everyone. But you can take control of how some of that social capital is used; if you are willing to take the time to plan your charitable giving.

By planning and committing to your gift, you are allowed to redirect some of the money that you would have paid in tax, to the charities of your choice. What that means to you is the causes that are most important to you can now benefit specifically from money that you were previously giving to society, in the form of taxes.

It's good for charity, but it can also be good for you. Often the process of planning your gifts will have multiple benefits. These are benefits that can actually increase your lifetime financial stability and success. But you must take the time to properly structure your personal and social capital.

We invite you to contact our office to see how planning your gift may help your unique circumstance. As you learn more about the opportunity to control your social capital, we think you'll quickly discover that the rewards make it well worth the effort.