Futures Fund

YOUR SUPPORT CREATES life-changing impact

By supporting Reality Changers, did you know that you have helped thousands of young people and their families change their lives? Would you like to help more students to prepare to go to college and reach their dream of a better future?

When Christopher Yanov launched Reality Changers on May 19, 2001, he had 4 students and one room. Now, 18 years later, with your generous support, Reality Changers has helped thousands of young people throughout Southern California finish high school and go on to college.

We have hundreds of students on our waiting list, so our work isn’t finished. Indeed, we’re just getting started.

Over the past 18 years, we’ve learned a lot, especially in our College Town program. Each year, we work with 200 low-income, high-potential 8th-11th graders to be college-ready by 12th grade. Many students begin the program with GPAs between 0.0 and 2.0; they come from families with low incomes and households where few adults have even finished high school. Our students need a complex support system to become successful and at-risk youth need more non-academic face-to-face time.

In order to help our students even more, we need first to support the everyday operations of Reality Changers.

  • In order to help students with both academic and socio-emotional support, we need one staff member for every 15 students.

  • Because our students live in some of the most violent neighborhoods in San Diego, we need specially trained staff in trauma-based education.

  • In order to apply for grants, we need to keep track of data, which means a sophisticated data management system.

  • Few foundations, city or state grants provide support for the core needs of a non-profit. That’s why we have created a Reality Changers Futures Fund specifically dedicated to the support of the daily operations we need to serve the needs of at-risk youth.

    Your gifts in the past have helped so many young people achieve their dreams of becoming the first in their families to go on to college. Now, we hope you will make a gift and invest in the future of Reality Changers. Your gift of support for our operations will help tough kids and kids in tough circumstances transform their lives, too.