Founders Video 2


Discover how Reality Changers’ Founder, Christopher Yanov, turned an idea into a program that has helped thousands of inner city youth become first generation college graduates.

As part of the Reality Changers community, you’ve probably been asked how you met Chris Yanov and how you got connected to the organization. For many of you, these stories have become experiences you do not forget. So, you know how you met Chris, but do you know why Chris started Reality Changers?

Maybe you’ve heard how Chris took four students and turned $300 of seed money into thousands of alums and $140,000,000 in scholarships.  But that’s just a small part of his extraordinary story.

It’s with honor that we share our short film about when Chris was a new college student and how his efforts to create a gang-prevention program in a small church evolved into an award-winning college readiness program. As remarkable, Reality Changers has transformed the lives of our students, families, and communities as evidenced in our recent program evaluation. You’ll learn, too, why Chris has spent his entire adult life tirelessly ensuring that Reality Changers’ students go on to college. Their persistence and success have been his life’s mission. We think you’ll see: Chris just turned 40 years old and for two decades, he’s led an exemplary life building first generation college students.

You’ve been a part of Reality Changers’ history and we are stronger because of your support. Thank you.

After you’ve finished watching, tell us your story about how you met Chris and why you’ve supported Reality Changers. Then join us in answering Chris’ question:
How can you help continue what he’s created?


Kimberley Phillips Boehm
Interim Executive Director & Board Chair