Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Matthew Espy

Matthew Espy, pictured on the right, began volunteering with Reality Changers as a Career Mentor with College Town in January 2020. What makes volunteering with Reality Changers meaningful? The ability to share access I have with those who aren’t in a position to normally experience it is important to me.

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Why Volunteer?

What comes to mind when you think volunteering? Is it the altruism of those who decide to forfeit their time, energy, and talents to people they may or may not know? Is it an immediate, gut reaction–“I don’t know, not for me”? Or maybe, “I would, but I don’t know

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Impact Story: Whitnie Szutu

Whitnie Szutu has been a volunteer tutoring students in the College Town program with Reality Changers for nearly a year and a half. What is the biggest challenge your students are facing due to the impacts of COVID-19? I think the biggest challenge that my students are facing right now

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Impact Story: Anthony Wang

Anthony Wang has been a volunteer tutor with Reality Changers for nearly two years. What has been the biggest challenge you have seen your students face due COVID-19? By far the most common challenge that my students are facing is adapting to a new pattern of life. While dealing with

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Our Volunteers are Reality Changers

Written on behalf of Katie Craig, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at Reality Changers. In the half year that I have been with Reality Changers, I have been incredibly grateful for my role as the Volunteer & Intern Coordinator and for the incredible people who volunteer with Reality Changers. Of course,

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