Embracing a Culture of Respect for All

On behalf of the Board and staff of Reality Changers, I write today hoping you and your families are well and safe, yet knowing that many of us are not. Our hearts are aching, and we are searching for answers, actions, and hope. All of us are concerned about our

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College Readiness: The Importance of Preparing For College While in High School

Reality Changers has a history of helping underserved San Diego-area youth realize their college dreams. But much of our success would be impossible without our targeted initiatives and programs that help students with their college preparation. You must make sure you are making the right decision regarding your future, financially

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UCSD’s Academic Connections

This summer, over 80 Reality Changers students earned $3,500 scholarships to participate in UCSD’s Academic Connections, a three-week program where students live on campus and take a real college course. There are over 20 different courses, including Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science, Photo Essay: Seeing

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