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Monthly Student Spotlight: Ronald Moreno

Reality Changers helps youth throughout Southern California achieve the dream of higher education. Our experienced staff and volunteers utilize the “Tightrope Theory” approach to ensure students keep their focus on college. But that’s only half of the story; the other half involves our students’ grit, tenacity, and determination. Without these

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Karina Cardenas

Senior Saturday – Karina Cardenas

Karina Mariela Cardenas attends Patrick Henry High School. She has been accepted to over eight universities, including UC Berkeley, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, SDSU, and UC Santa Barbara. She is interested in studying Criminology or Sociology, and is passionate about working with underserved populations, especially the Latinx community. Karina

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Alondra Class of 2017

Senior Saturday – Alondra Vazquez

Alondra Vazquez attends Valencia High School in Placentia (Orange County). She has been accepted to UC Santa Barbara, UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, CSU Fullerton, CSU San Diego, Cal Poly Pomona, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Hope International University. She scored a 1360 on her SAT and a 27

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Senior Saturday – Melissa Sanchez

Melissa’s nickname is Guerrera (Spanish word for warrior). Her 11th grade English teacher gave it to her, and it stuck. Melissa attends Point Loma High. She has been accepted to Cal Poly Pomona, Chico State, Grand Canyon University, Northern Arizona University, SDSU, and UC Merced. Though she is still waiting

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Jerome - Morse HS - Reality Changers

Senior Saturday – Jerome Balancar

Jerome Balancer is a Morse Tiger who can run a mile in under five minutes. He is a self-proclaimed science geek… and proud! As a junior, he was selected to attend COSMOS (The California State Summer School in Mathematics and Science at UC San Diego: a rigorous, four-week residential program for

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Reality Changers student Jenine Jacinto

Senior Saturday – Jenine Jacinto

Meet Reality Changers senior, Jenine Jacinto.   Jenine is a student in our College Apps Academy program at Mission Vista High School and recently got accepted to Smith College early decision! She will be studying computer science and signed on to the field hockey team. Congratulations, Jenine!

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Featured Student – Michael Gaulden

Ever since I can remember, I have been a slave of the world. I have been whipped and punished every time a glimmer of light shone through my horizons. Why? Because from June 1998 through July 2009, my family was oppressed by homelessness. I’ve slept next to the people that

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Featured Student – Jesse Sanchez

If I could change one thing about my community, I would increase the number of programs available to youth in order to help motivate them and guide them towards holding themselves to a higher standard and aspiring towards a college degree. Growing up in an environment that lacked motivational guidance

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Featured Student – Kasim Hussein

I should be a child soldier right now. I could have been owned by someone. I would have been forced to fight other children just to spare my life. I would have never been to the United States, gone to school, and learned English. I could have just given up,

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