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Dear Reality Changers Family,

As we head into the final month of the year, I wanted to reach out, wish you well, and express gratitude on behalf of our students, staff, and board.

In these times, it often feels like there is only bad news out there in the world, but I have been so amazed and humbled by good news and good deeds this year. In mid-March, when COVID-19 first caused business and schools to close, it was incredible to see how quickly our partners, volunteers, and donors stepped up to meet needs. The community came together quickly to provide students, alumni, and families with technology for virtual learning, food resources, public health information, and more.

Since then, we have continued to see incredible generosity, empathy, and creativity from our community. This year, our team and our students would like to say thank you to you for being a member of our family. Whether you have donated, volunteered, shared resources, or cheered us on, we are grateful for you!

Thank you,



Tamara Y. Craver
President & CEO
Reality Changers

Donor Spotlight: Louis Redmond https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/11/donor-spotlight-louis-redmond/ Mon, 23 Nov 2020 18:36:14 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15540 Read More

Learn more about Louis on his website: louredmond.com

How did you hear about and get involved with Reality Changers?

I heard the founder speak at an event in San Diego in 2015 and felt very inspired by the mission.

What motivated you to give to Reality Changers? 

I feel like they are doing meaningful work. Since I am blessed with my own financial resources, I want to make sure those resources are put to good use. 

What inspires you to keep on giving? 

By far, the care of the staff. After my first donation, I got a call from a staff member personally thanking me. A lot of places you donate don’t take that time. Really sets them apart. 

If you were to encourage others to get involved with Reality Changers, what would you say?

It is an amazing organization that cares about the work they are doing. You’ll get back more than you give. 

Does anyone in your life play a role in supporting your involvement? In providing inspiration?

I’ve worked in inner-city schools, and feel very motivated to support kids who grow up in challenging circumstances. Knowing that my donation is helping support a growth mindset and open up possibilities is huge. 

Do you have an anecdote about a time when Reality Changers’ work (or a Reality Changers’ student story or event) really moved you?

The founder’s speech about how we tell kids “Don’t do drugs, Don’t join gangs, dont, don’t dont.” He then reframed it that if we put energy to the negative that’s what is going to happen. Instead, let’s show people where they should be going so let’s focus on that. Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from Father Richard Rohr, “Don’t be against anything, put your energy on being for that thing you are for.” 

In your opinion, what is the most important work that this organization does?

Giving kids the proper mindset to succeed. 

What do you hope will change about educational equity/access to college over the next five years?

I’d like to see more free education and the opportunity to not have to go into debt. I’d like to see shorter-term programs that teach entrepreneurship, and offer people seed money to start their own business. 

Volunteer Spotlight: Kartik Choudhary https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/10/volunteer-spotlight-kartik-choudhary/ Tue, 20 Oct 2020 16:59:42 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15483 Read More

Kartik Choudhary has been a College Town Tutor for slightly over a year now.

Tell us about yourself:

My name’s Kartik and I’m a senior at UCSD majoring in Nanoengineering and material science. I am also part of a research group that studies the mechanical properties (flexibility, softness) of semiconducting polymers for their use in flexible electronic devices. In my free time, I enjoy watching tv, playing basketball, and listening to music.

What motivated you to volunteer with RC?

An uncommon fact about me is that I actually did my middle schooling and high schooling in India. Schooling in India posed a lot of changes for me; teachers were often were very specific in their grading and that sometimes it wasn’t enough to paraphrase my thoughts in places where exact answers were expected. This process of having to memorize answers and write in a certain way frustrated me. 

My unpleasant experience with having to learn math and science through memorization (rather than understanding/appreciating these subjects) motivated me to become a tutor at Reality Changers (RC). I want to help students in my community become passionate about math and science and believe that a college education is the best gateway to get hands-on experience with these subjects via student organizations and research labs.

Tell us about a time that was especially meaningful or a memorable moment for you as an RC volunteer.

I think the most memorable experiences I’ve had at RC are definitely during speech nights. Unlike a lot of other tutoring programs, RC focuses on students who have faced adversity in their lives and hearing the stories behind our students is often an emotional experience. On speech nights, us tutors are reminded of our responsibility to not only teach, but also mentor, support, and motivate our students to make the right choices in life.

What is one idea, opportunity, or challenge that you are currently focused on in your role as a volunteer?

I think one of the challenges that’s come up this year, is tutoring students over a virtual medium; it can be difficult to communicate ideas without having being able to write/draw your ideas out for your students. However, I also think there’s a lot of potential in using online simulations and graphing software (websites like Desmos, Physics Classroom, etc.) to facilitate student learning. My current focus is to find more virtual platforms and encourage students to embrace the advantages that come with online learning. Oftentimes, there’s a lot of awesome content on sites like YouTube as well which students are unaware of just because no one has lead them to these virtual resources before.

If you could encourage someone else to volunteer at our organization, what would you say? OR What do you wish other people knew about RC?

RC has truly been an amazing experience for me and I would highly recommend other people to volunteer at this organization. It has helped me harness better communication skills, interpersonal skills, and taught me to connect with people outside of my age group on a deeper level. In addition the RC staff and students are really friendly and helpful which is always a big plus! I honestly never expected to have as much fun as I’ve had, when I first joined and my only wish is that I had joined sooner.

What is your favorite quote or life mantra? 

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Welcoming New Board Members and Board Leadership https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/10/welcoming-new-board-members-and-board-leadership/ Fri, 16 Oct 2020 16:13:42 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15431 Read More

We are grateful to add two new Board Members to our Reality Changers Family as well as introduce new Board Leadership.

This year has come with many unexpected ups and downs. Throughout it all, we are grateful to the incredible members of our Board who continue to inspire and guide our work. We look forward to Lisa Davidson, Oscar Ancira, and Steve Ortiz’s continued leadership on the Reality Changers Board as they step into their new roles on our Board’s Leadership Team as Board Chair, Board Vice Chair, and Secretary, respectively, alongside Nicole DeBerg who will continue her role as Treasurer. In addition, please join us in extending a warm welcome to two new Board Members, Dr. Jasmine D. Darnell and Pamela Gabriel.

Dr. Jasmine D. Darnell helps build equitable workplaces. For over 15 years, she has assisted individuals, teams, and organizations in closing employability and promotability gaps for traditionally marginalized populations, or as she likes to call them, untapped talent!

Currently, as a global learning leader at Facebook, Jasmine drives diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), through unique learning experiences for 50K+ employees across six continents. She challenges and equips employees to celebrate differences, promote equity, and create cultures where all voices matter, are heard, and are responded to.

As a first-generation college graduate, from Southeastern San Diego, Jasmine remains committed to creating pathways and opportunities for untapped talent to upskill and advance in the workplace.

She advocates for college and career equity and has led  successful workforce education initiatives for 3,500+ individuals from underrepresented populations across government, non-profit, for-profit, and higher education institutions.

In addition to her professional pursuits, Jasmine enjoys making homemade açaí bowls with her husband and two daughters. She is a lover of coffee, 90’s R&B, game nights, and medical TV dramas.

Pamela Gabriel is a Senior Vice President; San Diego Market Manager for Bank of America. In her role, she delivers the bank’s environmental, social and governance commitments for the San Diego market by identifying, building, and growing community partnerships. She is responsible for
implementing the Bank of America Charitable Foundation strategies in support of nonprofit organizations that reflect local priorities and focus on impacting underserved communities.

Pamela brings with her 20 years of career expertise in finance with experience in Consumer, Global Commercial Banking, Enterprise Client Coverage and Credit Lending.

Recently, Pamela was selected to be a part of the 2019 Leadership Pipeline Program. Previously, she has held her series 7 and 66 licenses and has been through the formal Bank of America Credit Training Program.

During her time with the bank, she was instrumental in forming the second Inter-Generational Employee Network Chapter in the US. IGEN’s presence has grown and they continue to deliver financial literacy throughout IGEN’s US chapters.

In addition to leading internally at Bank of America, Pamela currently serves on the board for the San Diego City-County Reinvestment Task Force, Downtown San Diego Partnership and the San Diego Museum of Art.

Born and raised in California, Pamela graduated from San Jose State University with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration concentrating her studies in Marketing. She currently resides in San Diego, CA.

Thank you again to all of our Board Members for their service to the Reality Changers community. We are grateful to have you on our team.

October Speech Night Recap https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/10/october-speech-night-recap/ Wed, 14 Oct 2020 16:54:55 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15466 Read More

Drumroll please! We welcome to the stage a 10th grader from Patrick Henry Highschool, Haset Moloro! The Zoom grid of faces fills with virtual applause, icons of hands clapping in the corner of each person’s screen as Haset has the virtual spotlight turn to her and her face fills center stage. 

It’s Speech Night – the monthly event in which students from College Town courageously face their peers and guest coaches to share about their lives. Throughout the night, Haset and five other student speakers answer this year’s speech night prompt: We are sitting in a historic moment in time (COVID, online learning, etc.). What have you learned about yourself/family and how do you want to be historic? What value will you hold to make sure you will make a mark? Each student thoughtfully reflecting on their present moment in light of their past – the unique person they have been and are becoming due to, and in spite of, their context. 

Haset shares about her family. How she comes from humble roots, her experience translating for her parents as they navigate living in a new country, and how she continues to push past barriers to reach new goals and success. She shares with us, the audience, the wisdom of seizing what is attainable every day to persevere toward one’s goals. For her, this manifests in pursuing her dreams of higher education. 

Kebron, an 11th grader, reflects on what he has learned through online learning during COVID. Ultimately realizing that he is the only person accountable to taking responsibility for his life and school work, he encourages us to “start taking more responsibility in your future”, “build good habits”, and “take that initiative”. Reminding everyone in attendance that “whether you succeed or not is up to you”.

Felipe, an 11th grader, and Mimi, a 9th grader, share how this moment has exposed them to issues that ring true both at home and in the broader social fabric. Felipe reflects on challenges with his family, losing loved ones, and having to navigate what feels like an ocean of challenges closing in around him. Yet through it all, Felipe realizes that his voice is important and is actively turning his challenges into music and writing, hoping that others in similar situations will find encouragement through his story. Similarly, Mimi reflects on how she has learned about power and privilege this year through the intersections of race and climate change. She has seen the impacts of these issues on her own community and hopes to take what she has learned to leave her mark as a leader, educating people about tough topics and leading groups to change for the better.

Our last speakers, Alvaro, 10th grade, and Trinity, 9th grade, speak to what their family has and continues to reveal to them about themselves. Alvaro reflects on his family’s discipline and determination, noting how he hopes to embody these traits on his own path. Trinity shares an honest look into the complexity of family and her own mental health journey, recognizing that family is more than blood — it’s the people who care about you and stick by your side through the tough times. Alvaro reminds us of how hard work and determination are essential to achieving our goals, while Trinity reminds us that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, and that it takes a village to become the best version of yourself.

 For our first speech night of the year, these six student speakers took it to the next level! Thank you to all our amazing speakers for their honesty and willingness to share their stories with us, the audience. Thank you, also, to all our guest coaches, volunteers, and students for making an attentive audience for the speakers and for all the encouragement you shared. 

If you are interested in joining us for next month’s speech night, please visit our website to see available upcoming speech nights. We’d love to have you!

Building a College List 101 https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/09/building-a-college-list-101/ Wed, 30 Sep 2020 18:13:11 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15420 Read More

‘Tis the season to build a college list! For all you looking to enter Higher Ed next year, we have a few tips to build a list of colleges and universities perfect for you and your needs. When building a college list, it’s important to make sure each school on your list is a match for you. Ask yourself what it is you value most in a college or university. Really think about this!

Consider multiple values when researching colleges: Freshman Admission Profile, Acceptance Rate, Cost of Attendance, Cost of Attendance for your Income Bracket, Freshman Retention Rate, Majors, Location, Student Demographics, Size, Campus Life, Average Class Size, Student Involvement Opportunities, Student Support Services, Average Salary After Graduation, Location, Majors, etc.

That’s a long list! So, kick-start your search with these four:

  1. Cost of Attendance (COA) – Each school advertises a “cost of attendance” on their website, but it doesn’t factor in financial aid. So, don’t let the number scare you! The COA shouldn’t necessarily determine whether or not you should apply to a school. The COA doesn’t always equal the amount of money you’ll pay to attend that school. It’s the average cost to attend for one academic year. 

  1. Cost of Attendance for your Income Bracket – This amount is based on your family’s yearly income/financial information. For example, your cost of attendance for SDSU will differ from another student’s cost of attendance for SDSU if your families are in different income brackets.

  1. Graduation Rate – This shows how successful students are on campus and whether or not they graduate.

  1. Freshman Retention Rate – The percentage of full-time freshmen who continue on as sophomores. After all, every student should enroll with the intent of staying at that institution and eventually graduating with a degree. 

Organize your college list into three tiers: Reach schools, 50/50 schools, and Safety schools. 

  • Reach (Extremely Competitive): Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and/or class rank are below those of the majority of accepted students. It would take something compelling in your application to override those odds.

Add a couple of Reach Schools on your list—it’s important to challenge yourself. If you get into every school on your list, you’ll never know if you could have gotten into a ‘harder’ school. No regrets!

  • 50/50 (Very Competitive): Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and/or class rank are similar to the majority of admitted students’. You have about a 50% chance of getting admitted.

  • Safety (Competitive): Your GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and/or class rank are higher than the average admitted students’. You have a high chance of being admitted. Often, safety schools give the most merit scholarship money because the student applying has a much higher GPA and test scores than their average student.

To determine whether a school is a Reach, 50/50, or Safety, compare your academic profile (GPA, test scores, class rank) to the school’s freshman admissions profile (the average GPA, test scores, class rank of admitted students).

Utilize these websites during your search: 

These websites provide data for each of the values and factors you should take into consideration when creating your Balanced College List. Refer to the list at the top of this post.

Learn as much as you can about schools. Explore their websites, follow them on social media, take virtual tours (especially during this Pandemic).

Add around four schools in each tier, so that your college list is balanced. This way, you can maximize your acceptances.

Let’s go!

International Literacy Day https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/09/international-literacy-day/ Thu, 03 Sep 2020 22:45:09 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15386 Read More

At Reality Changers we know education can change lives. Today we highlight what our community’s favorite books in the spirit of International Literacy Day.

 Meliya is an 11th grader. Her favorite book is Keeper of the Lost Cities.

“I love this book because the characters and the settings are so unique and well thought out. You can’t help but grow attached to the characters and the utopian world they live in.”

“My favorite book probably has to be Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Although I do not read much books, this one definitely stood out to me as very entertaining. It is my favorite book because of its intensity and action-filled scenes. It isn’t your typical/conventional book, it’s plot is very unique and the way the storytelling is written feels super realistic. The book is very insightful psychologically and shows a more dark side to humans, which I find very interesting and fascinating.”  – Melanie is a College Apps Academy student.

Fransisco is a 11th grader. His favorite book is The Giver.

The Giver is my favorite book because it has a good climax and a good ending. It reminds me that I can’t let other people make decisions in my life and that I have to make my own path.”

“I actually have a very favorite series that I really love to read and it’s called, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by, Jeff Kinney. I know a few of you who are familiar to this series and yes, I know it’s more of a book that is towards to a younger audience. However, that does NOT mean I can’t enjoy reading something that is more towards to kids than to teenagers/adults. Besides, ever since I was in the third or fourth-grade, I would always read these books everywhere I go because it has topics that are so relatable to persons like me. And STILL, to this day, I read this series because it holds one of my valuable memories as a kid! Especially, when it comes to just relaxing and reading overall either at school or at home. Those were the good-old days! Lastly, I will forever cherish these types of memories and make my memories last as long as I can!” – Terrick, College Apps Academy student.

Renelle is a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is Divergent by Veronica Roth.

“This book impacted me when I first read it in high school because it demonstrated finding your identity and making your own choices, regardless of what society thinks. The story is engaging with twists and turns, while embracing themes of facing your fears and practicing selflessness. In addition, this book helped me gain an interest in reading for fun, even though the ending to this series was far from that.”

“One of my favorite books is Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Reading the book challenged me greatly because the internal struggle the Invisible Man was facing irritated me. I realized it was because the anger stirring inside me was rooted from this deflection towards racism that I was taught to naturally have. However, the subtle (or not so subtle) racism that Ellison sprinkled in every aspect of the Man’s life suffocated him to the point of losing his identity for a long while. Its one of my favorites because its timelessness always makes me think about life in a different way.”  – Rekik, College Apps Academy student.

Christina is a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is When Breath Becomes Air.

This is one of my favorite books because it helped me rethink who I want to be when I grow up and how I want to spend my life. Dr. Kalanithi wrote this memoir about what it means to live while battling end stage cancer. It is a very emotional and inspiring read for me.

My favorite book would have to be The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I read it as a kid and fell in love with it. I had read it over a bunch of times because it sparked my imagination and creativity. The book discussed a child’s adventure in a world filled with strange characters. For example, there was a character that grew down instead of up. Towards the end of the book we find out that, for the entire time, the child was playing in a cardboard box. I really loved the twist in the end and it inspired me to “think outside the box”, just like the main character did.  – Daniela, College Apps Academy student

Sammy is a Reality Changers Alumni and a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is The Power of Habit.

The Power of Habit is one of my favorite books. It has tremendously helped me with time management skills and studying habits. This book portrays that our everyday activities are carried out by habits rather than our conscious actions and motivations. By setting up small, achievable, and smart habits, we can achieve the goals that we once thought was unachievable. For those having a hard time with procrastination or discipline, I highly recommend this book!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is my favorite book. This book is truly life changing. The alchemist made me realize that you must always go for your dreams, big or small. While you’re working towards that goal/s you HAVE to trust that there’s a greater being  helping you to achieve that. This book will definitely motivate you to go for it!” – Perla, Reality Changers Alumni

Charlie is a College Apps Academy Student and her favorite book is My Brilliant Friend.

My favorite book is called My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante because it is a story about a friendship between two women that lasts a lifetime. They grow up on the tough streets of Naples, Italy, in a poor neighborhood and deal with many hardships. I love this book because it inspired me to make deeper connections with people who truly love who I am. It taught me about the importance of friends and how they can support each other and make each other better people. It also helped me articulate the female experience and the class systems that can define us.

We hope you find inspiration here to read a bit more and discover something new today. Always keep learning!

Tanya Castellanos: Connected & Resourceful https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/08/tanya-castellanos-connected-resourceful/ Fri, 28 Aug 2020 17:00:00 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15339 Read More

Tanya Castellanos is a 2019 Reality Changers program graduate. She is currently a sophomore at California State University San Marcos.

What are you looking forward to in school this year? 

What I am looking forward to in school this year is expanding my knowledge on the topic of Biology. I enjoy understanding the natural world around me and learn how cells function in the human body.

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

The support system that I am leaning on for myself to preserve this year is my family and the Educational Opportunity Program at my University. My family will support me in the emotional aspect, while the Educational Opportunity Program will guide me on the academic decision I need to make in my studies.

What is one thing you hope to learn or experience at Reality Changers this year?

A key element that I hope to experience at Reality Changers this year is to connect with other undergraduate students and share our knowledge. Not only share the knowledge we have but also be able to discover other students that have the same background story of the American dream. 

How does your Reality Changers family make you more confident in your strengths?

The Reality Changers family makes me more confident in my strengths of not being ashamed of coming from a low-income family and being a first-generation college student. My family’s income status is not a topic I dwell on. On the contrary, the Reality Changers family gives me the strength to be proud of who I am.    

How is Reality Changers helping you navigate change as you go back to school?

Reality Changers has helped me navigate change as I go back to school in a virtual environment. Some important guides that I received are to have a dedicated location in my household to do homework and develop a schedule to have productive days . Having a designated workspace and constructing productive days will help me start off with a successful semester.

Make a gift today to support alumni like Tanya along their college journey.

Daniela Suarez: Prepared & Confident https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/08/daniela-suarez-prepared-confident/ Thu, 27 Aug 2020 17:00:00 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15287 Read More

Daniela Suarez joined Reality Changers as an 11th grader. She is currently a 12th grader at Gompers Preparatory Academy and attends Reality Changers’ College Apps Academy.

What are you looking forward to in school this year? 

I have been preparing for college since the 6th grade and now that I am entering senior year, I am looking forward to submitting all my college applications. I can’t wait for the feeling I’ll get when I click the last submit button for my applications. Apart from this, senior year will be the last moment I get to embrace my childhood before entering adulthood. 

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

I am relying a lot on my family and the Reality Changers program to offer support through my final year in high school. Reality Changers has been the support group I have been looking for and now that I am a part of the Reality Changers family, I will take advantage of all they have to offer. My family is my rock and though we may be a small group, their support is endless. 

What is one thing you hope to learn or experience at Reality Changers this year?

I can’t wait to be a part of College Apps Academy. Being the first woman in my family to even consider college, I look forward to all the support that Reality Changers will offer! I also met some amazing people at Reality Changers so I hope to learn as much as I can from everyone.

How does your Reality Changers family make you more confident in your strengths?

I know that even through some failures, Reality Changers will always be there to motivate me to keep on striving. The Reality Changers family consists of people like me – we may not all be the same but we understand where we are coming from. And if one of us can make it, then we all can. My Reality Changers family gives me confidence through their successes. 

How is Reality Changers helping you navigate change as you go back to school?

During these difficult times, I’m sure that back to school will come with a lot more stressing and confusing moments. I am counting on Reality Changers to help steady myself and help me to not get caught up in the little things. Reality Changers is also me giving the support I desperately need for college applications. 

Donate now to support students like Daniela this school year.

Wendy Lopez: Curious & Organized https://realitychangers.org/blog/2020/08/wendy-lopez-curious-organized/ Wed, 26 Aug 2020 16:14:00 +0000 https://realitychangers.org/?p=15301 Read More

Wendy Lopez joined Reality Changers as a 10th grader. She is currently an 11th grader at La Jolla High School and attends Reality Changers’ College Town.

What are you looking forward to in school this year? 

This school year I am looking forward to seeing new ways my school will implement distance learning and how I can prepare myself to be successful. I look forward to seeing how the school and staff are better prepared for this semester as opposed to last semester.

What support systems are you leaning on or creating for yourself to persevere (keep going) this year?

For support, one of the main people is my mom. She pushes me a lot because she knows how easily I can slack off, but also the Reality Changers mentors sending texts and reminders, checking in and keeping us on track is very helpful. Also this year I am going to have an agenda to help me get things done on time for every class to avoid procrastination. 

What is one thing you hope to learn or experience at Reality Changers this year?

I am hoping to learn more about applying to colleges and scholarships. Learning how to take things more seriously is going to be crucial for me this year in order to raise my GPA and be prepared for college. 

How does your Reality Changers family make you more confident in your strengths?

My Reality Changers family makes me more confident in my strengths because everyone at Reality Changers is real. The way we talk and focus on school, but also the moments where we relax, take a break, and express feelings that are sometimes not related to school.

How is Reality Changers helping you navigate change as you go back to school?

Reality Changers is helping me navigate change as I go back to school by having different virtual lessons and talks over summer break. Although they’re not the same as virtual learning in school, being able to experience Reality Changers program virtually has given me a sense of what to prepare for and what school could look like in the fall. 

Make a gift today to support our students as they go back to school this year.