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We’re Just Getting Started

Since 2001, more than 3,000 students have graduated from Reality Changers. This spring, we’re celebrating an additional 142 graduating high school seniors who will become first-generation college students. But that’s only the beginning. With your help, we can ensure that students currently enrolled in Reality Changers have the resources they

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Guest Blog: Ashley Carbonell

This past fall, I was chosen to be a part of the inaugural Reality Changers Beyond Blending In leadership cohort program, led by Diversity and Inclusion expert and author Wendy Kim. The 3 month program was geared towards women or femme in their final years of college or early in their professional career. The program offered building relationships, gaining communication skills, taking actionable steps towards your goals, and honing leadership competencies. 

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Making History: Leadership and Learning for Women of Color

This Women’s History Month, we’d like to celebrate Wendy Kim of Beyond Blending In. Wendy is a #1 international best-selling author, a professional public speaker, a certified diversity and inclusion trainer, and a Reality Changers volunteer. Wendy is committed to empowering women and people of color to step from behind the shadows to fully own their power and leadership to go beyond blending in and to make a difference in the world.

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2020-2021 Annual Report

We’re thrilled to announce the release of Reality Changers’ 2021 Annual Report! This year’s report showcases some of our incredible students and breaks down the data on how many students we served, how many youth graduated from college, and more.

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Michelle and Reality Changers

Have you ever thought about how your life might have gone differently? Is there one pivotal moment in your life that changed everything for you? For Reality Changers graduate Michelle, it was the day she learned that she had been accepted into the program.

“Honestly, if it weren’t for that phone call, if it weren’t for getting into Reality Changers, there are so many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had. I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

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Michelle’s Story

Michelle joined Reality Changers in 2016 and graduated from Hoover High School in 2020.

Throughout high school, Michelle had an interest in medicine and biology. She joined the Health Academy and took biomedical classes at Hoover. She also participated in community internships at health facilities and even got to do rotations in a hospital.

“I really enjoyed the hospital. I liked how fast-paced it was. You’re always on your feet. You’re always going back and forth between patients. I really enjoyed that.”

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Welcome, Aditi, Alexis, and Parker!

Our Reality Changers family continues to grow! This week we are excited to welcome a new board member — Veronica Villaseñor, MPP, CTP, Vice President, Senior Relationship Manager Government & Not-for-Profit Banking at JPMorgan Chase Bank

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Carlos’s Story

For as long as Carlos can remember, he’s had one goal.

In kindergarten, on Carlos’s first-ever field trip from Daniel Boone Elementary, Carlos had a chance to visit a fire station. On that day, he realized that he was going to become a firefighter. Since then, everything he has done has been in pursuit of that dream.

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