Go Over the Edge with Reality Changers

After a year spent largely at home, many of us are eager for some adventure. Our upcoming summer fundraiser is the ultimate opportunity for thrills. On July 17, 2021, we’ll be hosting an outdoor fundraising event to support first-generation college students. Participants will have the chance to rappel down the side of a 30 story building – all while supporting a great cause.

While there is a weight minimum for rappelling, there are no age limits, making this the perfect family activity for families with older kids. So long as you meet the $1,000 minimum fundraising threshold, you’ll be assigned a time to rappel. Those who raise more than $3,000 can even pick their preferred time slot!

The Ultimate Socially Distanced Event

Over the Edge will take place at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, in downtown San Diego. This gorgeous hotel is located right on the San Diego Bay, with views of the ocean, Coronado Island, Point Loma, and all of downtown. There’s nothing quite like urban rappelling – it’s a fantastic, thrilling way to see San Diego from a brand new perspective. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you might never get again!

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably spent plenty of time over the last year curled up on the couch or working from your home office. Trade the comfort of home for something truly thrilling!

A First Time for Everything

Never rappelled down a building before? You’re not alone. Most people who participate in Over the Edge fundraisers are first-time rappellers. This summer fundraiser was designed with safety in mind. Even the most inexperienced of rappellers can quickly master this activity. So long as you’re willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, you’re bound to have a blast.

More than 1,000 Over the Edge fundraisers have been held across North America since 2008. Trained and certified staff ensure a safe experience every time. You’ll have a practice session to help you get warmed up, too. With the guidance of professionals, you’ll learn how to use a harness and rappel device and all the techniques necessary for a fun, safe experience.

Create or Join a Fundraising Team

Fundraising teams are a fantastic way to work together with friends, family and colleagues to raise money for a great cause. Use our fundraising toolkit to get started.
Prefer to sign up as an individual? That’s fine, too! You can always create a team later if your friends or family decide to join you in this adventure. When you’re ready to register, click here to sign up and set up your fundraising page.

Will You Rappel to Support First-Generation College Students?

We know this event won’t be for everyone, but for those brave enough to participate, the rewards are sweet. Not only will you cross an incredible feat off of your bucket list, you’ll also help support first-generation college students with tutoring and mentorship programs.

Or, if you prefer to support the fundraiser without facing your fear of heights, consider joining as a sponsor! This exciting event is sure to attract media attention and generate lots of buzz. Download your sponsorship packet now!


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