International Literacy Day

At Reality Changers we know education can change lives. Today we highlight what our community’s favorite books in the spirit of International Literacy Day.

 Meliya is an 11th grader. Her favorite book is Keeper of the Lost Cities.

“I love this book because the characters and the settings are so unique and well thought out. You can’t help but grow attached to the characters and the utopian world they live in.”

“My favorite book probably has to be Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Although I do not read much books, this one definitely stood out to me as very entertaining. It is my favorite book because of its intensity and action-filled scenes. It isn’t your typical/conventional book, it’s plot is very unique and the way the storytelling is written feels super realistic. The book is very insightful psychologically and shows a more dark side to humans, which I find very interesting and fascinating.”  – Melanie is a College Apps Academy student.

Fransisco is a 11th grader. His favorite book is The Giver.

The Giver is my favorite book because it has a good climax and a good ending. It reminds me that I can’t let other people make decisions in my life and that I have to make my own path.”

“I actually have a very favorite series that I really love to read and it’s called, “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by, Jeff Kinney. I know a few of you who are familiar to this series and yes, I know it’s more of a book that is towards to a younger audience. However, that does NOT mean I can’t enjoy reading something that is more towards to kids than to teenagers/adults. Besides, ever since I was in the third or fourth-grade, I would always read these books everywhere I go because it has topics that are so relatable to persons like me. And STILL, to this day, I read this series because it holds one of my valuable memories as a kid! Especially, when it comes to just relaxing and reading overall either at school or at home. Those were the good-old days! Lastly, I will forever cherish these types of memories and make my memories last as long as I can!” – Terrick, College Apps Academy student.

Renelle is a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is Divergent by Veronica Roth.

“This book impacted me when I first read it in high school because it demonstrated finding your identity and making your own choices, regardless of what society thinks. The story is engaging with twists and turns, while embracing themes of facing your fears and practicing selflessness. In addition, this book helped me gain an interest in reading for fun, even though the ending to this series was far from that.”

“One of my favorite books is Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Reading the book challenged me greatly because the internal struggle the Invisible Man was facing irritated me. I realized it was because the anger stirring inside me was rooted from this deflection towards racism that I was taught to naturally have. However, the subtle (or not so subtle) racism that Ellison sprinkled in every aspect of the Man’s life suffocated him to the point of losing his identity for a long while. Its one of my favorites because its timelessness always makes me think about life in a different way.”  – Rekik, College Apps Academy student.

Christina is a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is When Breath Becomes Air.

This is one of my favorite books because it helped me rethink who I want to be when I grow up and how I want to spend my life. Dr. Kalanithi wrote this memoir about what it means to live while battling end stage cancer. It is a very emotional and inspiring read for me.

My favorite book would have to be The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. I read it as a kid and fell in love with it. I had read it over a bunch of times because it sparked my imagination and creativity. The book discussed a child’s adventure in a world filled with strange characters. For example, there was a character that grew down instead of up. Towards the end of the book we find out that, for the entire time, the child was playing in a cardboard box. I really loved the twist in the end and it inspired me to “think outside the box”, just like the main character did.  – Daniela, College Apps Academy student

Sammy is a Reality Changers Alumni and a tutor with College Town. Her favorite book is The Power of Habit.

The Power of Habit is one of my favorite books. It has tremendously helped me with time management skills and studying habits. This book portrays that our everyday activities are carried out by habits rather than our conscious actions and motivations. By setting up small, achievable, and smart habits, we can achieve the goals that we once thought was unachievable. For those having a hard time with procrastination or discipline, I highly recommend this book!

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho is my favorite book. This book is truly life changing. The alchemist made me realize that you must always go for your dreams, big or small. While you’re working towards that goal/s you HAVE to trust that there’s a greater being  helping you to achieve that. This book will definitely motivate you to go for it!” – Perla, Reality Changers Alumni

Charlie is a College Apps Academy Student and her favorite book is My Brilliant Friend.

My favorite book is called My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante because it is a story about a friendship between two women that lasts a lifetime. They grow up on the tough streets of Naples, Italy, in a poor neighborhood and deal with many hardships. I love this book because it inspired me to make deeper connections with people who truly love who I am. It taught me about the importance of friends and how they can support each other and make each other better people. It also helped me articulate the female experience and the class systems that can define us.

We hope you find inspiration here to read a bit more and discover something new today. Always keep learning!

Katie Craig



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