College Apps Academy Programming For the 2020-2021 School Year

This year, our College Apps Academy will serve about 150 students across San Diego. Students at both our Headquarters location and those in high schools around San Diego Unified School District will begin the fall semester in a virtual environment. As our team preps for the new year, they will have students join program via Zoom, and use tools like Kahoot! to increase student engagement. To learn more about Kahoot! our team has put together a brief guide on the benefits of this platform and how the College Apps Academy team plans to use it to engage students.

Increasing student engagement and participation in the virtual classroom is a challenge. Luckily, with so many tech tools now available, it has been made easier. For those of you that have never used Kahoot! before, it’s a platform that encourages learning through the use of games aka kahoots. 

It sparks student interest by gamifying activities and brain-breaks during video-conferences on Zoom and Google Meet. College Apps Academy Instructors can create quizzes and surveys and invite students by sharing the unique Game Pin. 

Students can enter the Game Pin by logging onto from any mobile device or computer that has internet connectivity. Once in the game, students can compete to answer questions as Kahoot! keeps track on a leaderboard.

As we continue to build our community online, we look forward to using new tools and strategies to engage all students, and continue in our mission to support first generation college students through the college admissions process.

Katie Craig



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