College Apps Academy’s Scholars’ Celebration Month

At Reality Changers, the Month of May was all about celebrating our College Apps Academy seniors and their future! Although unable to hold an in-person celebration this year, we wanted to acknowledge our students’ hard work. Through the Reality Changers Instagram Stories feature, @realitychangersorg, students’ shared their own stories and had the opportunity to repost them onto their own accounts. If you missed these, you can find all student ‘stories’ under our Instagram’s Highlights (or follow the hyperlinks below).

We kicked off Scholars Celebration Month on Friday May 1st, with National College Signing Day by posting pictures of our students and the college they will attend in Fall 2020–including four-year universities and two-year colleges. The rest of May included themed weeks: Looking Forward Week, Gratitude Week, and Senior Send-Off Week.

Looking Forward Week (May 11-15)

During Looking Forward Week, we asked our students to answer the following two questions “What is one student support service you’re looking forward to taking advantage of in college? What is one thing you’re looking forward to in college?” Here are some of their responses: 

I am looking forward to taking advantage of the college counselors at the SDSU Education Department. I’m also looking forward to making new friends and studying something that I’m passionate about! – Pamela Arroyo (SDSU)

I am looking forward to the Tutoring services and being away from home and being my own person! – Savannah Graff, (Brigham Young University-Idaho)

I am looking forward to The Teaching + Learning Commons at UC San Diego, meeting new people and gaining independence. – Geovanni Aceves Correa (UC San Diego)

I am looking forward to EOP and the Via Rápida First Year Experience program at Grossmont College as well as being independent. – Fernando Corro (Grossmont College)

I am looking forward to Asian American Activities Center (A3C) : It puts me at ease to know that I won’t be alone and I will have a support center with students I can relate to. I also look forward to being able to explore the different courses to figure out what I really want to pursue. I want to try new things, especially opportunities that were unavailable in high school. – Catherine Lisama (Stanford University) 

Gratitude Week (May 18-22)

A journey through education is never alone. Whether one individual or many, students always have people that inspire them to strive for greatness, accomplish new goals,  and work hard to make their dreams come true. We wanted to highlight these people who guided our amazing program graduates to become the students they are today. During Gratitude week we asked our students to “write a short message thanking your family, friends or instructor or those who helped you get to this point .” Here are just some of the great messages our students had for these amazing individuals:

To family, friends, teachers, and especially my RC instructor thank you all so much for supporting me and putting up with me during this stressful time. Without all your help, support, motivation, and company I would not have been blessed to be admitted to my dream school and pursue a career in something I’m passionate about. I owe it to you all and myself. Thank you. – Arianna Jones (CSUF)

I want to thank my family, my friends, and my mentor Christian for not only supporting me, but also pushing me past my comfort zone. With this support system, I have taken advantage of so many amazing opportunities. – Aalaiziah Collins (UCSD)

Thank you to all of those who dedicated their time into my growth as I could have not done it all alone. Thank you for helping me believe in myself when I didn’t, and for giving me meaningful memories that I will cherish forever. – Ariana Bermudez (ASU)

I really want to thank my mom, who has always believed in me through the highs and the lows. I also want to thank my brother John, he’s always helped me find the best resources in order to help me succeed in whatever I wanted. I want to thank my teachers who have instilled so many values in me, and always making sure I had a work ethic ready for college. Lastly, I’d like to also thank Reality Changers, mainly Anna, for giving the tools I wouldn’t have otherwise and always working with me even when things got tough” – Alexandria Marcone

Going to college sounds real nerve-racking and scary but I would like to thank Alex for guiding me through this time. He has helped me so much throughout the application process and has used his own personal time to help me with any additional help needed. I would also like to thank my role models (my parents) for not giving up on me and always believing in me. I want to thank them for supporting me through every step of the way because, without them, I never would have made it here. Thank you to everyone who has helped me become this successful. – Aisha Qargha (Mesa Community College)

Senior Send-off Week (May 25-28)

Senior Send-off Week wrapped up Scholar Celebration month by wishing all of our program graduates nothing but the best on their future endeavors. Better make room world, these amazing students will reach new heights, break barriers, and create paths for those who may need guidance. To our program graduates, keep working hard towards your promising futures, and showing the world that you can accomplish anything! 

Distribution Day

Traditionally, College Apps Academy students are gifted college gear during the end of the year celebration. Even with the limitations of our current circumstances, on Friday, May 22nd, Reality Changers staff hosted a drive-thru distribution at HQ to safely distribute items so students can proudly show off their soon-to-be alma mater! We captured some of these moments in the video below:

Class of 2020, we wish you the best of luck in this new journey. Remember, you always have a support system and family with Reality Changers! 

Katie Craig



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