Student’s Self-Care for Staying Home

Compiled and written by Katie Craig, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator at Reality Changers.

“It’s tough staying inside…Stay safe out there!”

Wise words from College Town junior Joseph German on his student Takeover Tuesday post for College Town’s instagram (@collegetownrc) sums up what many of us feel as the world reduces to the same four walls, same people, same routine, day after day for those in quarantine. Meanwhile, the outside world becomes a little bit scarier, a little more constrained with masks, gloves, and constant hand sanitizer for those in essential roles. We all feel the strain of our changed and changing world differently.

As College Town students move to online learning, navigating new schedules, and spaces, they’ve ramped up self-care strategies and even shared them with staff! We thought we’d share the love and a few of their self-care strategies during COVID-19, in hopes that they may inspire you to find some innovative ways to care for yourself through this time.

“I enjoy reading, doing some exercise inside the house, going on a jog in the morning, and playing video games with my friends. I also like talking to people to keep my health in check. Just remember. Nothing will work unless you do. “

– Alvaro C., Preuss School UCSD Class of 2023

“A self-care technique I practice is taking a long warm bath to relax and either read or write my thoughts or feelings down. I know times can be stressful right now but always remember tough times never last but tough people always do. You got this and keep striving.”

– Xiadani T., Kearny High School Class of 2021

“Reading a nice fantasy book, listening to some nice tunes, or just sitting down and take a break from life for at least five minutes. You got this! Just remember, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Always Do!”

– Natalie V., Hoover High School Class of 2021

“My favorite thing to use are hydrating face masks, I know they should not be used more than 3 times a week so I keep a limit but they have been really helping my skin and it only takes 15-20 minutes. Even though we are not supposed to leave our homes, I still have to walk my dog and it is a little thing but it really makes my days. I do not know how long this pandemic will last but just remember, Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Always Do! We can learn so much about ourselves and build meaningful connection with other people too even if it’s online.”

– Mayte B., Mira Mesa High School Class of 2021

“I find that journaling, reading & cleaning are super helpful. Again, stay healthy & take care of yourself! Tough times never last but tough people always do.”

– Alyx S., Helix Charter High School Class of 2021

“I would recommend letting yourself cook something you’re craving and enjoy the moment of eating in peace as a self-care technique. I think it’ll allow you to feel good about being productive and doing something for yourself at the same time. I’ve actually been doing this and I’ve felt better and more positive because of it. I hope this helps you as you navigate through your work at this time. Sometimes it’s the little things you give yourself that matter the most. And I’m sure you’re doing your best so don’t put yourself down. You have many people who care about you and the reality changers family is part of them so remember to take care of yourself.”

– Mokhinabonu N., Patrick Henry High School Class of 2023 (culinary creations featured in blog banner!)

“Wake up and do some stretching to loosen up your body and head to the kitchen and make some breakfast. After put on some workout clothes and go for a jog but make sure to wear 2 masks before going out. While you run out of breath take a shower and take the time to binge watch some Netflix and catch up on your show. This is my self-care routine. I hope you enjoy it.”

– Tania C., Bonita Vista High School Class of 2021


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