An update on our programming and operating hours

Dear Reality Changers Community,

I want to thank each of you for your flexibility over the past month as Reality Changers has navigated the rapid and unprecedented disruption of our programming due to the global pandemic. These changes have been overwhelming, ambiguous, and frustrating—particularly due to the fact that it is difficult to predict when the emergency situation will stabilize and how big the economic consequences will be.

At Reality Changers, we have made many tough decisions over the past month but have remained committed to keeping our students, families, volunteers and staff as safe as possible. 

At this time, we have made the difficult decision to reduce staff hours and work weeks to help control costs. Effective April 16, our office will run on a 4-day work week (Monday – Thursday, closed on Fridays) with staff available between 10am-3pm. We will continue to work remotely to adhere to the stay-at-home restrictions. More details on our updated programming schedule can be found below.

We are still dedicated to living out the mission of Reality Changers and this crisis demonstrates why Reality Changers is so important to our community. We need your support now more than ever and ask you to consider a gift—of any size—to support this work.

What has carried me through this time– and what continues to give me hope—is witnessing firsthand the daily resilience of our students, staff, and community. I feel very fortunate to be in this fight alongside all of you.

Thank you for your commitment to Reality Changers,

Tamara Y. Craver

Tamara Y. Craver
President & CEO
Reality Changers

Last updated April 15

Reality Changers is focused on balancing public health needs with doing the organization’s essential work, communicating with families and staff, and updating contingency plans as the COVID-19 outbreak evolves. Our office will remain closed until further notice. Please continue to monitor this page for ongoing updates and resources.

College Town:

  • All regular programming at all sites has been cancelled, including ACT prep.
  • As of April 20, we will be supporting our students virtually (College Knowledge, Leadership Development, Academic Development) on the following days:
    • 8th graders: 5-6pm Mondays, tutoring on Tuesdays from 6:30-8pm
    • 11th graders:  5-6pm on Tuesdays, with tutoring from 6:30-8pm
    • 9th-10th graders: 5-6pm on Thursdays, with tutoring from 6:30pm – 8pm
  • Our tutors will also double as academic mentors and will be checking-in with students 2-3 times per week to ensure they are keeping up with their classwork.
  • Students needing assistance or resources can make an appointment directly with their Achievement Coach.

College Apps Academy:

  • All Academy instructors have been instructing virtually since March 16.
  • Students needing assistance can continue to make appointments directly with instructors.

Alumni Network:

  • Students needing assistance can make phone or video call appointments directly with Alumni Network staff. You can reach out to the following staff memebers:
    • Arantxa A. Sanchex:
    • Brenda Trujillo Sanchez:
    • Gerardo Jaimes:
    • Patty D. Mendoza:
  • The Alumni Network team will be hosting virtual live sessions for high school seniors to introduce the team, what support is available, and how they can access that support.

Resources: (We will continue to update this list as we learn of resources, free services and more)

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