Academy Advice: After the Application

Congratulations! You’ve submitted your college applications and you are so ready for a break, we get it. However, as much as you want to use Winter Break to catch up on sleep and binge watch your favorite show for the millionth time, you probably still have a few important things to follow up with for your college applications. Let us help remind you of some of the details you need to take care of during your break from school.

Send Your Test Scores

Log in to your ACT and/or SAT account and make sure that your send your scores to all of the schools that you applied to. If you applied to a university or college as part of a system, such as the University of California or California State University systems, you may only need to send it to one of the schools in the system, so be sure to do your research! If you self-reported a score on your application, most schools require that you send that score to the school. Sending scores is as simple as selecting the schools you want to send your scores to and then paying for each of the score sends. It can cost you anywhere from $12 to $31 per score, depending on how quickly you need to have the scores sent.

Add Schools to Your Financial Aid Application

Once you have submitted your applications, be sure to log in to your financial aid application (FAFSA, CA Dream Act Application, etc.) and ensure that you listed the schools that you submitted an application to. If the application only allows you to list a limited number of schools, you can still add more than that! For example, the FAFSA only allows you to list 10 schools to have your FAFSA sent to. If you applied to more than 10 schools, you can remove schools from the list that you already submitted and replace them with new schools, just be sure that you sign and submit each time you add new schools and they will all receive your application!

Create Your Student Portal Login

Soon you will start receiving emails from the schools you applied to with instructions on creating your account for your Student Portal. You should create these accounts as soon as you are able to and keep close track of your login and password. You should check your portal at least once a week to monitor any To Do list items and ensure you submit any missing information in a timely manner.

Prepare Documents for Verification

If you have been selected for the process of financial aid verification, which will be indicated on the Student Aid Report from your financial aid application, Winter Break will give you the chance to collect the financial documents your school of choice will request in the spring. The most important document that your school may ask for is the tax transcript. This can be ordered directly from the IRS for free, but it can take a long time to process and send to you via mail, so you should request it now instead of later.


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