A Bittersweet Farewell & Welcome

The Alumni Network relies on talented individuals to support the growing number of program alumni. This month, we feature our former intern Ellen Maley and current Alumni Network Associate, Frank Castro. Both of these individuals have added value to the Network through their diligent work and contributions.

This winter Reality Changers said farewell to our Alumni Network Intern, Ellen Maley. I had the opportunity to sit with her for the last time at Blackmarket Bakery in their very charming outdoor space. I first met Ellen on the bus to our annual Forest Home Leadership camp. From our first meeting, I recognized her infectious enthusiasm and kind spirit. During her time at Reality Changers, she helped Alumni Network Director, Patty Mendoza, throw two successful events. In August, Ellen assisted with the annual Senior Send-Off to celebrate and prepare new college students for their first year of school. The Alumni Network made gift bags for the seniors filled with snacks and other first-year essentials. The second event was the annual Winter Reunion. This event took place at Duke’s La Jolla and brought alumni together to celebrate the holidays.

“So what is next for you?” I asked. Ellen is looking forward to ministering this summer with her church and substitute teaching elementary-aged youth at her childhood school. She also shared her passion for human trafficking and the phenomenal work that local churches are doing to combat the issue. Churches Against Trafficking is a San Diego network group that connects Christian ministry leaders to engage with anti-trafficking initiatives. Although it is hard to say goodbye, Reality Changers looks forward to following Ellen’s endeavors in the service of others.

Nevertheless, the Alumni Network is pleased to welcome Frank Castro to the team! He serves as the new Alumni Network Associate. He plans to support the network’s expansion of over 2,000 Reality Changers program graduates through new and revamped initiatives. Frank joins us from Mississippi with expertise in youth programming and college access. This summer we kick off our inaugural professional development conference, Level Up: Building Your Brand, on June 22 at the SDG&E Energy Innovation Center. San Diego’s own Xavier the X-man is headlining this year’s opening keynote.

For more details on Reality Changers’ Alumni Network events and what we are doing this summer, visit The Alumni Network website.

Chanel Bradley



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