6th Annual Job Shadow Week Recap

“This experience boosted my confidence!” (Angel, 11th grader)

Our 6th Annual Job Shadow Week kicked off on Monday, March 26, 2018. Students from 8th to 12th grade visited 18 different hosts across San Diego County. These companies included:

Four professionals visited Reality Changers headquarters to share their experiences in the fields of finance and medicine.

“I got into my job after shadowing someone in my field, was happy to provide the same for someone younger.” (Anonymous Host)

First Week, Building Students’ Confidence

On Monday, our students toured the chambers of the Department of Justice. Assistant US Attorney David Finn shared the practices of law, and what it takes to pursue a career in the field. Then Nikki Lee-Redding led four students on a tour of SeaWorld, from the gift shop to the aquariums. We closed the day with Chau Lai, Financial Advisor of Pacific Advisors. She shared her story about her humble beginnings and her secrets to managing money.

Tuesday, we kicked off the day with an early morning tour at J. Craig Venter Institute. Top scientists shared their research on viral diseases, antibodies, and microbial invasion. Then our students visited Wardell Builders, Inc. where they learned about running a business. We finished our day at Habitat for Humanity where our students learned about community work and the expenses of building a home.

On Wednesday, teens observed journalism, renewable energy, marketing, human resources, and restaurant management professionals. At KPBS, students learned the many career options available in telecommunications. At Solana Beach Schools Foundation, students learned about resource development. At Planned Parenthood, students learned about marketing strategies and building a strong team. We finished our afternoon at Jake’s Del Mar. Dustin Anselm gave our student a hands-on tutorial on cutlery techniques.

On Thursday, students toured Hewlett-Packard’s state-of-the-art facilities and observed their 3D printer. HP shared their latest projects! Our students walked away with 3D prints, notebooks, and posters. We ended the day at our headquarters. Three naval doctors shared their career journeys in the medical field.

We ended week one with Bank of the West’s Vice President of Orange and San Diego County Groups, Win Englebert. Later, ACI Specialty Benefits opened their doors to our youth. They learned about benefits, wellness, and career options within the company. We completed the week with Tiffany Tang, Associate Director of New Village Arts. She took students behind the scenes and on the set before opening night of the play Men on Boats.

Reality Changers paired Angel with Dustin Anselm of Jake’s Del Mar for his job shadow. Angel is in his third year at E3 Civic High. After he met Dustin, he returned to the office with great enthusiasm and pride. He was decorated in Jake’s merchandise given to him by his host and showed off the gift bag he received. Without hesitation he personalized his thank you card to Dustin. In his reflection Angel said, “this experience boosted my confidence.” We cannot wait to see what Angel does with his new-found cutlery skills.

Week Two, Broadening Students’ Horizons

The last week of Job Shadow got our North County students active during their spring break! These phenomenal partners mentored our students:

Our hosts from the first week, Planned Parenthood and KPBS, opened their doors again as well! We cannot thank them enough! Our youth explored engineering, biotechnology, communications, information science, public law, and merchandise operations.

“I enjoy broadening teens’ horizons. I love to inspire a teen with the idea that they can choose to become an entrepreneur. They can create a job that fits their interest better than a traditional job.” (Susan McBeth, CEO from Adventures by the Book)

On Monday, April 9, 2018, our North County teens started their week at NV5. Expert engineers shared the path they took to get to their careers and showed how to construct roads. The next day, Brian Kent, showed our teens how PepsiCo gets their products to the public. Students saw the process from manufacturing product to stocking store shelves in Walmart. This experience opened their eyes to career options in supply chain management.

On Wednesday we went to Illumina. Students and staff toured their laboratories and auditorium. We also met an Illumina staff member who was also a first-generation college graduate. Illumina staff taught our students the ways in which they are changing the world of human genomics. Then, our students went to UCSD’s Triton Career Fair. Michelle Tillman, Associate Director of Industry Engagement at UCSD and a former Reality Changers volunteer, hosted our students. We finished the week at the San Diego County Public Defender Office. Youth saw a mock trial to learn how defenders build their cases and witnessed a real trial in action.

Jose, a junior from Canyon Crest, imagined his career to be in social work. Staff paired Jose with San Diego County Public Defender Office. From his experience it sparked a passion for law. He stated, “I liked how the public defenders took us to the courthouse so we could see an actual trial. I also liked how the public defenders told us about their lives during college.” We cannot wait to see how Jose will give back to his community.

Reality Changers believes college changes everything because it’s the first step in finding a fulfilling career. Students experienced incredible and unique professional development opportunities all thanks to our amazing hosts! We want to thank our partners for providing students with award-winning experiences. Your support gave our students the necessary tools to be successful in their futures.

Chanel Bradley



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