College Apps Expansion Helps Reality Changers Mentor Students in Orange County

Since its inception, Reality Changers has provided college prep mentoring for underserved San Diego youth. These essential services – including tutoring programs, summer leadership camps, community service, academic counseling and much more – have primarily centered around the city of San Diego and surrounding communities in San Diego County.

Recently, the College Apps Academy – one of the most far-reaching and influential Reality Changers initiatives – expanded to nearby Orange County. This important milestone marks an ambitious step for Reality Changers, along with a hopeful message for disadvantaged Orange County high school seniors.

The College Apps Academy is the primary program used by Reality Changers to prepare high school seniors in the final sprint toward their dream of a higher education. Some highlights of the College Apps Academy include:

  • Social skill building
  • Admission assistance – college applications, follow-up communication with counselors, etc.
  • Optimize loan and grant opportunities
  • Make the college application and selection rewarding, fun and life-changing – not stressful
  • And much more

As one of the most popular and effective high school mentoring systems in San Diego County, the College Apps Academy just announced an expansion into Orange County. Reality Changers has collaborated with eight Orange County schools and organizations to deliver the same services, mentoring and financial literacy education that have been a staple of San Diego County. The College Apps Academy program will reach at least 160 high school students throughout Orange County.

According to Tania Azar, the College Apps Academy Director, Reality Changers can positively impact Orange County seniors with meaningful, long-lasting mentorship. “The College Apps Academy assists with college social skills, financial aid, admission tutoring and much more,” said Ms. Azar. “Our Academy has been on a positive growth trend for quite a while, and it’s exciting to offer the same great services we provide in San Diego County to another group of deserving students. We are actively following the processes outlayed by Salesforce ( to help ensure that we streamline the integration across the county.” If you are a teacher at a school and you and the staff are having trouble thinking of ways to to improve on data integration and take marketing one step further, it could be worth doing a comparison of HubSpot vs Salesforce and then make your decision based off which one you think will benefit the business.

“With this expansion,” Ms. Azar continued, “Reality Changers is showing that our influence isn’t limited by geography. With enough dedication and deep-rooted investment in our local community, we’re eager to see how this will impact regions and communities beyond San Diego County.”

Instruction is provided to students on a weekly basis. Two hours of weekly mentoring is run by first-generation college graduates with extensive experience in the college admission process.

Along with Ms. Azar, the College Apps Academy is run by Bill Fackelman (Account Manager), Brenda Sanchez (Academy Instructor) and Danny Cruz (OC Academy Lead Instructor & Alumni Support). The Academy’s expansion into Orange County signals a positive development for the entire Southern California region.

With more than $120 million awarded in scholarships, dozens of Gates Scholars, and other impressive achievements, the future looks bright for Reality Changers – and more importantly, those high school students in Southern California striving toward a college education!


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